Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Scales Dropped...

The scales said there are 1.5 more pounds gone!!! Fantabulariffic! I've broken below the 190's! Now I wonder how long it will take me to break below the 180's? I know, I know, you just can't satisfy me.

Going to get a haircut today. And boy do I need it. I look like a shaggy dog.

What fun to wake up to a heaving dog. And he was right by my pillow too. I got him off the bed in time but had a mess to clean up off the floor. Then to beat it all I came down to go to the bathroom and there were several piles in the bathroom floor. He must not have felt good in the middle of the night, because it has been years since he missed in the house. At least he had enough sense to do it in the bathroom where Mommy does.

Telephone people are coming today to check to see if I can get DSL. Boy, would that be nice. They finally put a hub within 2 miles of my house and the limit for the distance from the hub is 22,000 feet. Two miles is definitely less than that, so cross your fingers. I really need it with the amount of time I spend on this thing.

Have a great day blogger buds!


->cara said...


WOO HOO!!!! Finally made it to the 180s!!!!

That's so cute that he went in the bathroom like mommy does. That's so sweet!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the cable modem. Man, that would be tremendous!!!!!

Donna said...

WOOHOO!! Great job on the weight loss, you rock!

And hurray for DSL, you still do dial up, right? BLECH! I can't remember if we have cable or DSL, Hubby takes care of it, I just nod my head. hehe

Have fun getting a haircut! Those are always fun!

JC said...

Congrats on the loss. I know your new hair cut will be great. I love your post address Cammy's questions. I'm such a fast food addict, I probably would drive the distance to Taco Bell. Yes, I am a little nuts. Have a great day. JC

Tony said...

congrats :)

Cammy said...

Shoulda waited to weigh in until AFTER the haircut. You maybe coulda had a higher fraction. :)

Way to go! To say I'm THRILLED for you would be a huge understatement!

Pattie said...

I'm still giggling over Cammy's comment!

Congratulations, Deborah. I know you've been frustrated that the scale hasn’t been budging. Your perseverance finally paid off!

MaryFran said...

Your weight loss is spectacular! HUGE! Pat yourself on the back!

ARRGGHhh the wonderful sound of an animal heaving to wake one up! No matter what happens once I hear that, I'm wide more thought about sleep!