Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tummy Ache...

I took it. I just couldn't help myself, I went ahead a recorded the loss of 1.5. Now, Cara, I don't call that a big loss but it surely is bigger than it has been with a measly half pound here and there. I had set myself a goal (when I started) of getting to goal by Christmas of this year and if I do I'll have to lose an average of 3.5 pounds a week from here on out. That ain't gonna happen!! So I've decided not to set anymore goals like that one.

I enjoyed the steak last night. But boy I paid for it all evening. Can you say gastrointestinal discomfort? I think it is really weird how our bodies get used to the healthier stuff and then doesn't like the "yummy" stuff we used to eat.

Thank goodness last night was a peaceful one. No having to get up and go down stairs for anything, just got to sleep for a change.

One of the hardest things I trained myself to do when I started this diet is to slow down my eating. Being a teacher, we only got 30 minutes for lunch and stupid me took the option of cafeteria duty for some extra pay. That meant that I had to scan the lunch cards of the students while they were in line to eat and that usually took between 10-15 minutes. Then I'd eat really quick so I'd have time to go outside and set in my car and have a smoke. (Yea, I'm a smoker :-( and that's something else I have to quit but not while on this diet.) I was noticing the last time I had company that I was always the last one finished with my meal and that was weird, I used to be the first. But slowing down surely helps me not overeat like I used to do. I can remember the horrible feeling of being too full about an hour after finishing a meal and I don't have to put up with that anymore.

Gotta get off my duff and read some blogs so I can get to town for the dreaded grocery shopping.

Have a great day out there!


Candace said...

Slowing down on eating makes such a huge difference. Thanks for posting a comment today - your comments are always so nice to see. I responded back there, but thought I'd copy it here as well.

Debbie, I think yours is a very healthy attitude towards the BLT's. My musing is more just for where I am now and where I still want to get to. The theory being that a lick of my own food may lead to licking without thinking - and with kids and summer coming that could be dangerous. The problem with BLT's is that we don't often realize that we're doing it. Ice cream, birthday cakes, french fries and BBQ hot dogs can add up to extra pounds for me - even if none of that stuff ends up on my journal.

I like a series of mini-goals. Setting a weight goal for a certain date is fine as long as you're flexible. Short-term goals are much preferable. Have you done any story-boarding. I may have to share mine next week - it's a 'living document' and needs to be re-visited now.

MaryFran said...

I've noticed that when I eat slower I have better weight loss results also! Keep at it!

A while back my husband and I went out to eat. I was so proud of myself because I ate the healthy vegetables and just simply ate wisely. We went to the mall afterwards. OH my word, I was sooo sick, I was running through the mall trying to get to a bathroom! Turns out my body isn't used to all the butter and fat that they seasoned those vegetables with anymore!

SeaBreeze said...

All the foods I used to love (pizza, ice cream, etc.) now give me ridiculous stomache aches too! I guess its for the greater good, but its still a little sad sometimes.

Sparky said...

You take it! You earned it. Now you just have to work to make sure you keep it! :)

Fatinah said...

I agree with Sparky - take it - it's yours!!

Sorry you had a sore tummy!

Cammy said...

I think you're smart to revisit the goal idea. We can't control the specifics of the scale, only the direction. And sometimes not even that, unfortunately. Keep doing all the great things you're doing and you will see your goals someday, probably not long after you originally intended!

Hope the tummy ache is better!

angienicholas said...

good for you for taking the lose. I would have too, And about the baby bump pictures. I wanted a record for my self I am also going to try and do it for my weight loss as well. It helps to see whether there has been a change. And it will be good for our son to see what I had to go threw for him lol. I have not read your hole post but will. thanks again for the comments means a lot angie