Monday, June 16, 2008


I had a rather boring weekend. Not much to report except that I did stay on my eating plan.

Pounded a nail in my porch to hang a basket of flowers that I got for my birthday. Watched a really good movie, "National Treasure" (the second one). Talked to my sister-in-law and had a brief visit with a friend while her boy friend cut my grass.

I'm preparing myself for a trip to the dentist this afternoon. Not looking forward to that at all. The only good thing about it is that I won't have the broken area anymore that my tongue just won't stay away from.

Gonna try to take care of as many errands as I can while in the dentist area, which will include filling up my gas tank because gas is usually about 10-15 cents cheaper down there. Course it takes almost 4 gallons to get there so it won't be a cheap trip by any means. Both with the price of gas and the cost of two crowns in my mouth. Thank goodness for credit cards. That will at least put off forking the money out until the end of the month. I always pay the credit cards off completely at the end of the month. If I can't afford to do that then I just don't buy what I might want at the time. I used to just charge, charge, charge. When my late husband and I got married I had quite a bill I was paying on and he got me out of that debt and showed me how to not get in that mess again. "Thank you, Larry, for one of many wonderful things you brought into my life."

Hope you have a great week.


Fatinah said...

how funny - I watched National Treasure 2 also this weekend. We had heard it was awful, but I quite enjoyed it - I'm thinking it will be a dvd I buy when the price comes down (my husband won't pay more than $10!!).

Cammy said...

Now see, when I get bored is when I'm more likely to have a snack attack. You are my personal hero for not letting boredom ruin your eating plan. ::back pats::

MaryFran said...

I hope you got all of your errends done today! I also live where I have to drive to do simple tasks (although not near as remote as you, you lucky duck) and I try to combine everything I can into the same trip!

Sparky said...

Hope you had a nice day! :)