Sunday, June 15, 2008

Not much to talk about...

Three year olds are so cute. My first born called at the dinner party the other night and her 3 year old step-daughter wanted to talk. She was so excited about a surprise she got at day care that day that she laid the phone down and ran to get it and tried to show it to me over the phone. Then she wanted me to hurry over to her house to see it. (They live in NJ.)

After I posted yesterday morning I got a call from the friend that cooked for me and her downstairs was flooded. She said she kept hearing something after we left and couldn't figure out what it was. When she went down to investigate she stepped in 2 inches of water at the bottom of the stairs. Her down stairs consists of a family room, two bedrooms, one bath and a laundry room. Evidently the pipes to the cistern had burst and the entire 1000 gallons ended up on the floor. She just had all new carpet and laminate flooring put in down there last year and it all had to be ripped out yesterday. I did her laundry for her yesterday evening because she had some loads of wash sorted and ready but laying in the floor and they got soaked. Couldn't leave them that way.

I did really well yesterday on my eating. But I did spend a lot of time in the bathroom which I was ready for. Boy, when we eat stuff our bodies aren't used to they sure do complain, don't they?

I haven't walked in almost 2 weeks. I just can't make myself get out there and do it. I just don't seem to have much energy at all lately. Sure wish I had all of the stamina and will power you people out there have to exercise.

Have a great Sunday.


->cara said...

I just left you a long comment and when I clicked "publish" it all went away. Now I have to remember what I typed before. Ugh!

I remember saying how hard it was for me to get back to walking again, too. I quit walking last November and it took me over two months to get back to it. And the only way I was able to get back into it was to commit myself to walking with someone else. I know that's not an option for you, though.

You should try that new WW Walking DVD I sent you. I think the shortest walk is 10 minutes. Just try the lowest one. Something different, you know. Something new to try. And you should get up and do it right now. Because if you say you'll try it tomorrow morning, you wont. If you can put something off until tomorrow, you won't do it, you know?

I have another suggestion that I don't think you'll like, but how about walking with me in the mornings? Do you have a cordless phone you could carry with you? We could talk while we walk together. The thing I don't think you'll like about it is that I walk from 6-7am. It's the only time I have to walk. I have to be back by 7am so I'll have time to get ready for work. But maybe we could try it just once??

Cammy said...

What Cara said. You can always take a nap later. :)

I especially liked the part about setting a "minimum". I have a miniumm of 30 minutes per day that I must exercise, and I must do it six days a week. I have to do that for my health, and I know it. It's not debatable. (I'm very stern, you know. *G*)

You're a very good friend and neighbor to do your friend's laundry. Good karma points for you!

Cammy said...

I went to justtoofat's blog after leaving here, and she had a fantastic link about doing the small things. In case you haven't seen it yet, here's the link to her post:

I also forgot to say earlier that it's fantastic you're staying on your eating plan! Sometimes when we're not doing well in one area, it's all too easy to let other areas slide. But not you! :)

Happy Sunday!

angienicholas said...

I agree with what the others say. It is hard to stay on top of one when they seem to both go hand in hand. O know that it will be hard for me to get back to my works when the time comes. I have been given the clearance of up to two weeks after the baby is born depending on the type of delivery and I can't wait. I have been doing walking but I would like to do more. your doing great. and sorry to hear about your friends basement always sucks when something like that happens I know my parents basement floods at certain time but they have cement flooring in most of their down stairs. take care Angie

MaryFran said...

I don't know if I would call it stamina that I have to continue to exercising. WIllpower I'll go with. Because for me, activity is a dreaded activity! But I do like how I feel when it's over! tee hee hee

And you are very interesting how our bodies react to our little 'splurges'!!!!

angienicholas said...

we had several storms one right after the other and the thunder kept going like someone had hit the repeat button. I wanted a nap today to but wasn't happening with the whether the way it was. we also had to close windows cause of the way that the rain was coming in things were getting wet.