Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Scales are Broken...

What's with this? Can digital scales get stuck? Below are my weights for the past month.

6/25 -> 191.5
6/18 -> 191
6/11 -> 192
6/8 -> 192

Yep, today I'm up a half pound. I'm getting really disgusted with this whole thing. I know, I know, things like this happen but it still isn't any easier to take. Did some research and I'm not supposed to go below 1200 calories because I am a woman. Ok, it also said that to maintain a weight of 150 (my goal weight) I would need around 1600+ calories. So my theory is to keep my intake between 1200 and 1400 and I'll loose weight. I've even done pretty good because my average intake has been around 1350. It's not happening. And for the people out there that are still on WW. I've been tracking my points as well and in the past month have never used all my flex points and rarely dipped into them.

Now, I bought the chips and dip yesterday and it was really hard not to dive into them last night but I made it. Now today I'm afraid to "dip" into them.

I need to find another scale to weight myself on and see if it is the scales because I feel smaller. I mean a month ago I was still in 16 jeans and now I'm in 14's. So there are some inches lost at least. Why not the WEIGHT!! Please God, let me see the 180's soon.

On a good note, I stopped in to see a friend yesterday, whom I haven't seen in about 9 months (we talk on the phone a lot). She's a barber and when I walked into her shop her eyes about popped out of her head. She said she almost didn't recognize me.

Went to every store in town looking for some things for a project I have planned for this weekend when I'll have company. We girls are going to keep ourselves busy. I found about 1/4 of what I needed. When I got home called the company that's coming and had to give her my list of things that I didn't find so she could pick them up for me. She lives in the Richmond, VA area so she'll be able to get the stuff, I just didn't want her to have to get it all. Not going to tell you what the project is. Will show you with pictures next week. But you probably can figure out that it's crafty since that's the way I am, a crafty person.

Is it Hump Day already? Have a great one.


->cara said...

You're not going to want to hear this, but I think you need to exercise more. I think you're at the point, now, that your body isn't going to let go of anything for fear that it'll need it. Remember, you've been overweight for how many years (decades)? Your body hasn't gotten exercise all these years and it's learned to pack on the extra pounds to compensate for it. A while ago, it got exercise and it started giving up some of its precious extra fat cells because it new it would get more. But now you're not exercising and your body doesn't want to let go of one coveted fat cell.

You should try it. Just for a week and see how it goes. See if the scales budge after a week of walking every day. I'll bet they will.

Try that new walking CD I sent you. It's something different.

Fatinah said...

mmm, sorry missy - but I think Cara may be on to something. Time to get moving. You may not believe it, but once you're over the hump - you're going to crave the exercise.
Oh, and don't discount losing inches. Those have to go along with the pounds!

Keep up the good work with the food - you're rocking it!

aishchai said...


I had some problems with digital scales. It turned out you need make sure they are on a flat surface, because a tiny incline can effect their accuracy. And make sure you weigh yourself in the same place.

Besides that, exercise is a good idea, but I've been plateauing for a couple of months, and I think its the body's way of adjusting. Just keep at it!

Anonymous said...

Hope you get to see the 180s soon, whether on different scales or the same scales.

But big up the NSV of your friend being impressed by your weight loss -- that must have felt good and made you feel the journey is worth it!

Best wishes for your next weigh in.