Friday, June 6, 2008

Just Ramblin'

Got all the errands done yesterday, Bluck. At least I don't have to go to the grocery store again until next week. And I even took the garbage to the dump!

I've been really lax the past year or so about doing my dishes. You see, I don't have a dishwasher because of being on a well. They just use too much water for a well. So I have no where to hide my dirty dishes while waiting for enough to accumulate to was them. Well, I got even lazier than that and would only do them when I ran out of silverware or bowls get the idea. And no they didn't smell because I rinsed them out when putting them in the sink. So by the time I got around to doing them the sink would be overflowing and the counter would usually be full. Nobody sees them but me, right? But every time I'd get around to doing them it would take forever and I'd have a counter full of drying dishes (I never dry them and put them right away, just too much effort when the air will do the job). About 4 days ago I decided I didn't like the looks of the mess and have started doing the dishes nightly. I'm on a 4 day streak now and it does feel nice to have a clean kitchen and sink in the mornings.

Started a new book yesterday while setting on the porch swing just enjoying the afternoon. Boy was that nice. Note to self: get a cushion for the swing, my butt isn't as padded as it used to be and there was some discomfort after setting there for a while. I didn't notice the discomfort while reading but when I got up to go in the house to fix myself some supper it was sore. The book isn't a new one (copyright 1992) but new to me. It's "Hideaway" by Dean Koontz. Seems like a good one. It really gripped me in the beginning. I used to read everything Stephen King wrote until he had his accident. Then his writing changed and I'm not as crazy about him anymore. I'm also reading Catherine Coulter in bed at night (can't remember the name of it) but I don't think she really wrote it. The sentence structure is just so amateur and most of the conversations between characters doesn't make sense. I've read her before and don't remember that being the case with her work. Thank goodness for Amazon, I've got 5 more waiting for me when these are finished.

Sorry I rambled so much on stuff that doesn't interest you. Have a great weekend!!


->cara said...

You should get one of those dish scrubbers that has the dishwashing liquid in the handle and a scrubby sponge in the head. I keep mine on the side of my sink. It rests in a spoon rest (like you're supposed to use on your stove). It's easy to just swish it around to clean one or two dishes at a time. If not for that, I'd just let them stack up. I have a dishwasher, though, so I usually only use it when I'm baking so I can keep my bowls and spatulas and stuff like that clean as i go because I usually have to reuse them as i go.

But great job for the 4-day streak. Hope it turns in to a new habit for you. I know the clean kitchen each morning is a great motivator!

The electric came back on last night just before 9pm. Ugh! It went back off around 9:30 but only for about 5 minutes then it came back on. We got so hot waiting for the power to come back on we went to Joann's and bought some crafty things to kill time. I had a 40% off coupon and needed yarn for Sarah's baby blanket (which needs to be finished in 2 WEEKS!).

MaryFran said...

Your blog did not bore me at all! And I think you may be my twin!!!! (although my mother would swear that I was a single birth...tee hee hee). I may just start to copy and paste your blogs and call them mine! I have been really trying lately to keep up with the dishs also..but it still seems there is a sink full of dirty dishes or a counter full of drying dishes (air drying works well for me also). As for reading on the porch....haven't done that lately...I read on the sofa. BUT the butt thing. Oh so true! My butt is actually boney..and it hurts to sit on it. CRAZY! One of the few negatives about losing weight......not to worry..the good far outweighs that piddly little negative!

Candace said...

The dirty dishes in the sink thing drives me nutty - especially since I own a perfectly good dishwasher. We went a couple of years without one and I think hubby forgot how to use them. After the wash, I pile everything that isn't dry in the dish rack and it's ALWAYS full. Hey, what about a dish pan - they sell them at Wal-Mart and other places - that can go under your sink during the day then sit in your sink to wash them. That way, you or unexpected company won't have to see them.

Sparky said...

Reading on a swing, looking out at trees sounds wonderful!!!

angienicholas said...

We have a dishwasher but its a matter of loading it up and turning it on for me. We usually leave the dishes in the sink and then one of us will get tired of looking at them. Sounds like you had a nice relaxing day, I have been lying on the couch most of the day half with my eyes closed and half watching t.v. still not feeling all that good. And it is hot today we have a heat warning out. Plus are calling for thundershowers ya. Anyway, enjoy your weekend and your posts aren't boring. Have a good weekend Angie