Thursday, June 12, 2008

Blue's Train

What a frustrating day yesterday was. Boy, was I down. I just had no enthusiasm for life on this diet excursion. Really and truly, I was contemplating giving up all together. I just kept thinking the body doesn't want to be thinner. It just wants to stay here. It just wants me to put anything and everything in it that is bad. It is foiling me at every turn right now. I've eaten so much chicken that I think I'm starting to turn in to one. What are those little things that hang down under their beaks? Oh, yea, a wattle. I have one of those so maybe I am. So I deviated from my usual plan and thought what the heck, who cares. I had french bread pizza for breakfast, Chex mix for lunch and a burger pattie with 5 ears of corn for supper (yea, with lots of light butter) then my pumpkin custard for dessert. I was really disgusted with me and life in general.

I'd been waiting for a package to arrive from and it didn't arrive until late in the evening. (Brought up by a neighbor, the UPS driver didn't want to come up on the mountain.) In it was a pair of size 14 jeans. They FIT!! Now that was the pick-me-up that I needed yesterday. So my head's back on straight today, so far. Think I was on the blues train with Cammy but I didn't see her, she must have been in a different car.

I've got a big problem with the cabin. I started noticing saw dust on my carpet and furniture right down the middle of my living room. Me thinks there must be carpenter ants eating away at the main support beam of my roof. I think they are carpenter ants because as I was lying in bed reading night before last something crawled on my arm. I swatted it away but evidently not far enough because all of a sudden I got bit on my side. I jumped up and saw a HUGE black ant in the bed with me. We battled for a while but I got the little bugger. He's just squished up guts now. So, I'm calling an exterminator this morning. When we built the cabin we sprayed the outside of the logs with a penetrating insecticide that said would last for many, many years. But couldn't spray anything on the inside. Just not safe for people or pets to live in a closed up environment with those chemicals. Guess they got in through the roof vents and found fresh wood to enjoy. Bet that's going to cost an arm and a leg, but it's better than having to replace that beam.

Have a great day!

PS: Cara suggested I put a photo of the Hillsboro fog and one without so I just downloaded them into my photo gallery. You can see them there along with the newest member of my family. Just click on the cabin at the right of the page and down a little.


->cara said...


SIZE 14?????!!!!!!!

See, God knew you needed a pick-me-up. All in His time! Those size 14s hit at the perfect time.

Now when you go to town, you can look amazing in your new size 14s!!!

MaryFran said...

YIPPEE! I am jumping up and down for you for fitting into the 14's! That is one of the best feelings for me...even more than the scale sometimes, fitting into a size smaller!

And don't stress about your 'bad day' your body may have needed it!!!! Keep your chin up, you can do this!

Cammy said...

The internet ate my comment! Now I have to try to remember what brilliant things I said...

I apologized for bringing my blues-iness to you. I swear, I didn't know it was contagious!

I also remember congratulating you on your size 14s!!! That's wonderful news.

Oh, and I also agreed that maybe your body DOES want to be at this weight, and there would be nothing wrong with that, but I oh-so-gently (snerk!) pointed out that your body wouldn't STAY at this weight if it's being fed french bread pizza for breakfast and that much corn at night. :)

Be patient with the scale, my friend. It WILL move as long as you continue to do the right things! And while you wait (or in the unlikely event it doesn't move, you and your 14-wearing self
can focus on staying healthy!

Jodie said...

I HATE carpenter ants. We had them at our last house living behind the shower in the wall. Congrats on the size 14 jeans. I just had to get rid of my size 26's and a few of my 24's that wouldn't stay up at all. It's a great feeling!