Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Foggy morning in the valley...

Boy am I ever off schedule. For some reason last night I was really sleepy around 10:00 and decided to give in to it. So I went to bed at 10:30, read for about a half hour and was out like a light when I put the book down. What is that? Oh, well, guess my body needed it. Course that means I'm up early and have a longer day today but what the heck. When I got up and looked out the kitchen window while running water for my coffee I saw this sight. I just love looking at the valley covered in fog. Don't know if you can really tell it by this photo but usually the fog is flat and really looks like a frozen lake but this morning there are bumps on top of the fog. Just like clouds, duh, that's what it is really, clouds just low ones. Not to self, reset the date and time on the camera. The photo says it was take in May and I just took it this morning.

Checked the scales this morning since it's my official day and there was no movement on them. As I always say better no movement than movement in the wrong direction. Sure wish I could get out of the 190's though. Seems like it's been forever since I've been in this 10 pound range. I've been keeping my calorie average around 1350 so maybe I should try to get it down to 1200. Don't know if I can do that or not but will try.
Was hoping first born would come visit this weekend but doesn't look like it. Gotta find out for sure before hitting the grocery store tomorrow.
Happy hump day!


Cammy said...

What a gorgeous wake-up view!! ::is jealous::

I'm glad the scale didn't move up for you. No telling why, but good for you for sticking to the plan!

Sparky said...

Thanks for sharing that photo. So beautiful. Good job on the scale. I know what you mean about being in the same 10 pound range. :(

angienicholas said...

Beautiful picture. And good job on staying the same. what kind of plan are you following or are you just counting calories and watching what you eat Angie Happy Hump day have a great rest of the week

MaryFran said...

A maintain is excellent! Means your body is adjusting to your weight! It WILL start to come off again!

Thanks for the pic! Awe inspiring view!

->cara said...

What a spectacular view!!!

You should post a picture without the clouds too, for comparison. Looks like you live in a little Shangra La.

Don't worry about getting stuck in the 190s for a while. You've gone through so much since you hit the 190s. I know if felt like forever for me too. But it'll come off soon enough.

If "first born" decides to come down for the weekend, ask her to take a pic of you... PLEASE???