Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Birds and Bugs...

Another pound down and 41 to go!! I really tried hard this week even with my splurge on Friday. I sure am glad there was an improvement.

The exterminator was scheduled to come today and called yesterday morning to cancel all together. He said his boss wouldn't let him bring the truck up on an unpaved mountain road. So the only other alternative I had was to call Orkin. They scheduled for today too and I've been staying off the computer to wait for their call to get directions to get to my house. They were supposed to be her by noon and just called to reschedule for tomorrow. ARGH!

They hummers are so cute. While the Momma eats from the feeder the baby does an air dance under her going back and forth about 20 times. I haven't seen her feed the little one any more but sometimes it comes and sets on the feeder and just looks around like it's saying "where are you, I'm hungry." I think it's a female since it doesn't have a red throat but I don't know much about the development of them and whether the red comes later or not. But they are fun to watch. They were a little upset with me yesterday. The feeder was getting too low so I made some more sugar water for them and put it out. They'd take a drink and back off and look at the feeder for the longest time then take off. That went on all evening but they are eating regularly now. The reason for the upset is because the one they had been drinking out of was half sugar and half water. I make it strong for the first feeder full so they have lots to supplement them after their return from down south. I then cut it back to 1/3 sugar and they didn't like that at all.

Hope your hump day's the humpiest!!


Cammy said...

Yippee-skippy, another pound gone! Way to go!

Don't you wish you had half the energy of a hummingbird?

Fatinah said...

Yay you!!! One more pound gone!!!!