Saturday, June 28, 2008

Just Stuff..

Yay, I got my house cleaning finished. Now all I have to do is get the casserole made and I'm all ready for company. But I'm going to put that off until after noon. It's supposed to rain all weekend and into next week so guess we won't be doing much outside if that happens.

I've been making myself get up early these past few days and trying to go to bed early because the company I'm getting, go to bed as soon as it's dark. And since my bedroom is a loft and all opened to the rest of the house, there are no walls to cut the sound out if I stay up as late as I like to. Boy, what we won't do for company.

Baby humming bird is now eating from the feeder and not from Mom as much if at all. Ohhhh, my baby is growing up. She still does the air dance sometimes (kids...they always have more energy than adults) and still sets on the feeder looking around sometimes. Wonder if they will raise another one this year. I'll have to read up on them and find out.

Hope your weekend is a great one.


Pattie said...

Don't you just love hummingbirds? Their antics can keep me entertained for hours (ok, I guess I need to get a life! LOL!)

Enjoy your company this weekend. Your friend is a Master Gardener, eh? Tell him hello from a fellow volunteer at the other side of the country!

Be well and happy. :-)

Cammy said...

Have fun this weekend, Deborah, but not so much fun that you make Headline News. :)

MaryFran said...

Glad you got your cleaning done! Enjoy your company this weekend!