Saturday, June 7, 2008


Well, yesterday was a bust. I ate everything in sight yesterday evening. Wasn't hungry when I did it either. Just wanted it. Oh, well, it was just one day and today's a new one. I'm pretty sure where I went wrong is that I stopped at Sub Way on my way home Thursday and got one of their $5 foot longs. Brought it home and ate half of it that night for dinner. Not so bad, but that left the other half for yesterday and I was thinking that I'd only eat half of that and not over do it. I couldn't stop at that. I also bought some fresh corn on the cob and when I got started on them I couldn't stop. I kept boiling another one until I had eaten them all. Hey corn is a little on the high side calorie wise but the light butter that I lathered them with was way over the top. Just couldn't help myself. Then the munchies set in. Just kept dipping my hand in the bags of goodies without measuring and munched away. I keep Chex Mix and Doritos in the house to allow myself a taste once in a while because stuff like that was my downfall and I really tried to give them up all together but I just can't. I usually only have one measured out portion about 3 times a week and always count the calories and points and adjust my other intakes accordingly. Not yesterday though!!

Ok, today is going to be different. Back to my regular meals and no side tracking for me today!! Or the rest of the week. I probably really blew my loss.

I got to thinking this past week and decided to raise my goal from 140 to 150. At 192, right now, I'm wearing a size 16 jeans and they are a little big. Remember I bought some 14's but got the low rise ones (by mistake) and just can't wear them right now because they are really slim cut. So if I buy my regular brand and style I will probably be comfortable in the 14's. That will probably put me into 10's or 12's by 150 and I think that is small enough for my age. If I would happen to become ill I'd need a little meat on the old bones. (I'm one of the baby boomers and will hit 62 on Friday, yep, Friday the Thirteenth.) Course I haven't been to the doctor for a check up in almost 2 years and I really need to do that. The 150 isn't set in stone so I will make an appointment next week and see what he has to say. Then I'll decide for sure.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day here. Blue skies, some small puffy clouds, no rain, high temperature around 90. I took a quilt out to pad the porch swing and a couple of pillows and laid in the swing watching the trees some and read. Even dozed for a little while. Boy, talk about the life of Riley. Yea, yea, I know it would have been a great day for exercising but I didn't even think about that at the time. Maybe today.

The grass is getting a little high and the boy that usually mows it for me hasn't shown up this week so I think I may tackle it myself. In the past I haven't been able to do that unless I stop at least 3 times to rest. We will see how long it takes me now that I'm not quite as fat and have a little more stamina. Don't know if I'll tackle the weed eater though. I hat those things. They beat you to death. Maybe I'll save that for another day.

Hope your Saturday is going as planned and a happy one.


MaryFran said...

Good luck getting back on track today! You can do it!

Once I start binging, nothing but going to bed and ending the day seems to make me stop eating! I sit there and beat myself up while I continue to dip my hand into the food to get more!

In case I forget...happy upcoming birthday!

angienicholas said...

good luck with getting back on track today. always love reading about your day. Where abouts are you located? I seem to be feeling a little better today. Tired and hot as it is 31 degrees but feels like 39 with humidity. Yuck. Am able to eat. Still have a little of the taste but not as bad. any way enjoy your weekend and thanks for the continued support Angie

Cammy said...

Ouch! Munchie attack! I hate those! Hope you were able to get yourself back on track. Maybe it would help to buy only a couple ears of corn at a time? :)

Fwiw, I think you're wise to ponder the "proper" weight for you rather than just accept the weight chart guidelines. We're all different, and it really is a function of how you feel, physically, and how you feel about how you look that matters most. No matter our size, as long as we're eating healthy and exercising, we're in good shape!

Sparky said...

You are right about needing a little meat on your bones. I was running with a pair of 50+ gals and one of them was saying exactly that. Talking about how a nurse had said that and it made sense. If you land in the hospital, it is good to have a cushion.

Hope today is a good one. Mowing the lawn can be great excercise! :)