Sunday, June 29, 2008

Start of My Vacation...

I decided I'm taking a vacation from weight loss. I'm not going to go hog wild so never fear. But I am going to eat when I want and how much I want and still stay on the healthy stuff except for 1.5 TBSP of sour cream and enough chips to eat it with. I have just been to disappointed lately with no loss showing up that I decided I need this mentally. Wish me luck. Haven't decided how long I'll be on vacation yet but I'm thinking maybe a couple of weeks.

Ron and Dani arrived yesterday afternoon and we've already had our walk today. We went to the Greenbrier River Trail State Park (click to view the web site). It's the longest state park in the world at 79 miles. A b-e-a-utiful place to walk. We walked for ~2 miles and 55 minutes. Then stopped at a local store and had pizza (I only had one piece) and a soft serve ice cream cone. And that was the first thing I had eaten today, so I don't feel bad about it. Ron took a picture of Dani and I (at right). Ron took the picture with his camera because as always I forgot and left my camera in the car, hey at least I remembered to take it with me in the car.

Hope your Sunday is spectacular.


Cammy said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying your friends' visit!

Have you considered setting the goal of allowing yourself the diet "vacation" on days that you exercise? I did that when I got started with this healthier livign thing and it worked really well. I was still building successes, without having to worry about every morsel. Just an idea. :)

MaryFran said...

Sometimes I feel as if I need the break from this 100% concentration that I give to my weight loss efforts. I only caution you to make sure that it is only temporary....because it could very easily slip into a more long term deal!


MizFit said...

sometimes this is precisely what it takes.

a break letting it all go out of your mind for a bit.

stepping back/away so that when youre ready (& you will be some day soon!) you can view everything with *fresh* eyes & renewed enthusiasm.


Tony said...

I've been taking too many food vacations these past few weeks. I wish I could take another one right now, but then my heart would fire me. Have fun :).