Thursday, June 26, 2008

Horrible Hump Day..

Yeah, yeah, I know, WALK. I figure that is what the problem is too, but... When I was walking on a steady basis and the scales were the same as now you all said give it a couple of weeks and there would be a loss and there wasn't so I think in the back of my mind that is why I quit. I got all excited about walking and bought the iPod and HRM and used them for a week before giving up. When I think about getting out there and walking I do get excited and really want to do it then the depression of doing it alone and just back and forth in my driveway really gets me down and I don't go out there. Ron and Dani are coming for the weekend (actually 5 days) and Ron has already asked me to go walking with them. I'm really looking forward to that. So maybe that will get me back in the groove. And this time if the scales don't show an improvement, what do I do next?

Yesterday was a bust (food wise). I didn't do anything right. Rode to Wally World area with a friend and exchanged my size 14 jean shorts for a 12. They were relaxed fit and just too sloppy big in the butt. She got her nails done while I read in the car and then we went out to eat. Went to Ruby Tuesdays and I ordered the Ruby Mini's with salad bar. I love their salad bar because they have the most delicious pumpernickel croutons and scrumptious broccoli salad (just like Mom used to make). I even got the green salad part and smothered it with blue cheese dressing and had some pasta and pea salad with lots of mayo. Then the burgers came, I'd forgotten they had fries too. I ate one burger and 1/3 of the fries and boxed the rest up for supper. And yes I did eat it for supper. I also dipped into the french onion dip and chips I've been craving but only had about 1 1/2 TBSP of the dip and a hand full of chips. It tasted soooooo good. Then had peanut butter and graham crackers for dessert. Wonder how many calories that all was? I didn't bother going to the computer after all that to figure it up. Will probably do that today just out of curiosity. And BTW, the scales said 192.5 this morning (the same as the past month). So what's with that?

Worked on the front porch when I got home and got a canvas rocker scrubbed from where the cats used it a lot this winter and got most of the cat hair off, and the caked mud from their paws. Gotta get the house straightened up today and the dusting and sweeping done. Then tomorrow comes the rest of the windows and the bed stripped for the company.

I'm very disgusted with life right now, but that too will pass.

Enjoy, blogger buds!


SeaBreeze said...

Regarding the scale. What you ate would seem to have a fair amound of sodium, so its most likely water weight.

JC said...

I'm going to agree with Seabreeze. I always gain when I eat out. I'm going through a bad eating time this week, well, actually this past month. Lots of work stress and eating foods I should not like the potato chips and cookies that come with prepacked box lunches. My staff and I have been helping out another program this week and they have been feeding us and I have been eating whatever is free.

Thanks so much for coming by my site and leaving the comments. I haven't been bloggin long so comments are special to me.

I've had a time with my knee the last few days but it is better now. Speaking of walking. I've really started to enjoy it when the weather is not so hot and humid I can't breath. I've gone from walking maybe 10 minutes to over an hour on a nice day. I took my camera with me and took pictures that I post on my blog, I pray, and if no one is out I sing. It gets the neighbors dogs all stirred up. Thank God for fences.

Tony said...

You've done a great job so far. You might want to consider upping the amount of calories you are eating to maintenance for a few weeks for your metabolism. This works well for some people when they hit a plateau.

Cammy said...

You seem a bit blue, so here are some {{{HUGS}}}}.

If the scale doesn't budge, you keep doing what you're doing for a while longer. Keep in mind that you may not be losing pounds, but you can still lose inches. Or tone up the inches you have now.

You ARE making progress, my friend. Every.Single.Day. Don't let the scale get the better of you!

Sparky said...

Stupid scale! I'm with you, excercising with friends is so much nicer :)