Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dental Ordeal

I am writing this Monday night and scheduling it to post Tuesday morning because I am going to be sleeping ALL DAY on Tuesday! zzzzzzzzzzzz

What an ordeal that was. I was scheduled to be at the dentists for 1 hour. I was in the chair for 2.5 hours. Two of those hours with my mouth wide opened. When he finished and took the dam out and I finally ::ouch:: got my mouth closed he wanted me to open it again so he could look at something and I just sat there shaking my head no and telling him he wasn't allowed back in there today. Well, I did allow him back in there but I had to rest the jaw joints for a little while. He was prepping two teeth for crowns and while he had me numb he went ahead and replaced a filling that needed attending to. I got out of there 10 minutes before the Department of Motor Vehicles closed, so I drove like a mad woman and got there 1 minute before they closed. Got that taken care of too, whew. Don't want to run around with expired plates and won't be going back in that direction until the middle of next month.

I then hit Wally World and got that shopping done. I better have enough food to last me for 2 weeks because I almost choked when the clerk told me how much my bill was. Course there were some doggy snacks in there and a couple pair of shorts and a top. Oh, and gasoline was $4.05 there and I didn't need much but filled up anyway.

I left the house at noon and didn't get home until 6:30. I'm so exhausted I just put the fridge stuff away and all the other bags are setting on my counters and table and they will be staying there until sometime late Tuesday. I didn't even have enough energy to cook myself any supper so I just ate a sandwich. Oh, and I was so hungry in Wal-Mart that I grabbed a slice of bread and slapped 70 calories worth of ham on it when I got to the car, to eat on the drive home. So all together today I only had 1055 calories and I just don't have the strength to eat anymore tonight.

Ok, I lied, I'm up. Just had to add this. I was setting here reading emails and saw 2 humming birds setting on my feeder. This isn't unusual for some people but it is for me. My hummers are territorial and will buzz each other if there is one already on the feeder and another one wants a drink. They just don't seem to want to share. But one was thin and the other plump. The plump one was just setting there watching the thin one drink and was kinda wobbly while setting there. I kept watching and low and behold the thin one finished drinking and leaned over and fed the plump one from her beak. That was so cool.

Hope your Monday was more comfortable than mine.


Cammy said...

I knew you couldn't sleep all day! :)

That was one grueling dentist visit! My sympathies! Hopefully the worst is behind you now!

Pattie said...

Oh, I love those hummers! What a treat you got to see. I have a hummingbird feeder right outside my frontroom window, and their antics are so entertaining. They'll take on a bird twice their size!

I hope you're taking it easy today and not opening your motuh for any reason other than nutrious food!

Sparky said...

Cool Hummingbird story. Hope you get lots of rest. I hate being overtired!

MaryFran said...

I'm hoping that you are feeling much better now!!!!!!

Candace MacPherson said...

I love humming birds. I've rarely seen them stay still long enough - it's always a 'Look quick'.