Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yucky Saturday...

Yesterday was a lazy day.

No exercise.

Ate way too much.

Where did that renewed feeling go that I had while posting yesterday?

Out the window, I guess.

I didn't just slip and slide but stumbled.

Oh, well, today is another day.

I have a plan:

1. I've already entered my food plan into MyFoodDiary for the day.
2. Put the old Richard Simmons DVD back into the DVD player and DO IT!
3. Get the dishes done.
4. Run the last load of laundry still piled in my bathroom floor.
5. Kick myself all around the house if I don't get the first 4 completed. (Wonder how many calories that will use up?)


JC said...

HEY YOU!! I have many times wondered if kicking my own butt burns calories. HA! Sounds like you have a plan so now work your plan. Didn't I see a 1/2 lb loss on the sidebar? YEA YOU!

BTW, you have me looking for a Richard Simmons DVD. Have a great Sunday.

Jeanne said...

It's so easy to fall off the wagon...and so HARD to get back on!!! But I am with you 110% today and am heading to my basement for 60 minutes on my bike!!! I usually aim for 30 minutes, but my eating hasn't been great so I think I need the little extra BOOST!


grammy said...

Hope you get it all done and don't kick yourself to hard (o: Exercise for me. It is snowing today. We have not had much of that this winter. This is the day hubby is moving my daughter out of her apartment, so figures it would snow.

JC said...

Hey, you have been tagged. Come on over to see me.

Scale Junkie said...

Great job jumping right back on the wagon!!

SeaShore said...

We all have those days. Main thing: it's over, and you're on track!

Cammy said...

Hey, there will be no kicking around here! You don't deserve that. None of us deserve that.

What we deserve is warmer weather so we can escape the house! C'mon, Spring!

jinxxxygirl said...

HI! Found your blog through Sparky! OMGosh you and i have led a similar journey from what i can tell.... My highest weight was 250 and this morning i weighed in at 178.6. I'am so at a roadblock. My goal is also 150. You know i loosened up the reins over the holidays but still exercised and managed to maintain but not lose any over the holidays. And when January 1st came around i was thinking OKAY now lets get things together and get back with it. But girl its been soooo hard. UUUughh! I mean i only have 30 more pounds to go what is the problem! So i comiserate with you completely! I so love Richard Simmons. I hate it when people make fun of him. He helped so many people with his approach to exercise. Its FUN! I can't seem to stay with a work out video though. I seem to find so many excuses not to do it. But i run every other day and lay in front of the tv on the days in between and lift my hand weights and do crunches and pushups and squats etc.. Hubby lays on the couch and watches LOL! You can do it girl!We both can! Only 30 more pounds!!!!Jinx

MizFit said...

and yet another new day!
new week.

sending you thoughts of selflove, selfcare, and a good week ahead!

Natalia said...

Great attitude, today IS a new day!!