Saturday, January 17, 2009

Keeping Warm...

I'm feeling better today, so far. I spent yesterday just laying around resting and drinking plenty of fluids. I had a little over 1500 calories and no exercise. Just didn't have the energy for it. Hopefully I will feel good enough today to get it in. Because of my body deciding to get sick my 6 weeks challenge is thrown off kilter but I'm still going to continue it and report the days that I wasn't on plan as just that. I'm not going to throw in the towel and give up just because of a few days that I couldn't complete my goals.

Sorry I wasn't able to comment on your blogs yesterday. I read a few but for some reason the brain cells just weren't working enough to come up with a comment. I'm sure you understand.

Whoa, it was 50 in here this morning when I got up, and only 1 outside (at 8:30). I immediately turned the propane up and huddled over it to keep warm until the rest of the house began to get caught up. Hope this doesn't last much longer. It is kinda hard on OLD bones. Makes me want to go back upstairs and crawl back under the covers. And speaking of covers I even had to throw another quilt on the bed the past couple of nights. Usually the dogs will keep me warm but even they were cold and needed it. I turn the propane heaters down at night for safety and even on their lowest settings, they've been burning some throughout the night.

My plans for the day are staying warm and getting into a trunk to see if I have any old "fat" sweaters to help me do that. The new sweaters that I bought when it started getting cold are light weight ones, because I usually get too hot with bulky ones. NOW I need bulky ones and I hope I've still got some. If not I'll just have to layer.

My hubby liked to keep it cold in the house and I had a lot of sweatshirts and sweat pants then but since I've been "under"growing them I've been giving them away. And I decided I didn't look too good in sweatshirts so I haven't bought any new ones. Even if I'm not at goal by next winter, I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and buy some things to keep me warmer. Especially since a heat pump just can't keep the heat up in this kind of weather.

Have a good weekend and stay warm.


Tena said...

1 degrees! I can't even imagine that kind of cold. We think it's cold here in Houston when it's 34 at night and 50 during the day! Lately we've had some cold but nothing like what you're having! Brrrrr. I'd want to stay in bed, too.

Glad you're feeling better! Good attitude about the challenge. At least you didn't do a nose-dive into a vat of chocolate or whatever you might have dove into before! We will get there, even with a few set-backs.

grammy said...

I hate to tell you was 62 here yesterday. That is just not normal my friend. I should have walked , but had to much fun doing other things (o: When you are sick don't beat yourself up about not staying on plan. I had a good week then went and ruined it by having fried shrimp at red Lobster last night. I will try to be good all weekend (o: Get well fast.

Nicole said...

I am welcoming global warming these days, it was 8 degrees here yesterday.

Donna B said...

Cold here in PA as well - 9 deg this morning! been wearing sweats off and on and plan to head to the thrift store on Monday for their 1/2 price sale to pick up sopmoe heavy sweaters. I gave all my FAT ones away this summer, and like you , on;u have lightweight ones. Hoep you are feeling better. Been riding my recumbent bike when I get chilly! It helps!

SeaShore said...

Sorry you aren't well. I hate feeling sick when it's cold. You just start to feel cold through and through and no amount of layers warms you up! A nice, hot cup of tea helps :)

Right now it's -20C (with a -29 windchill, which is -20F according to the C/F converter I found). Getting warmer though: we're expecting rain on Monday!

Cammy said...

Oh, I'm sorry you've been ill! Here's hoping it was just a short-lived thing and that you continue improving.

I'm glad I hung on to my big girl sweatshirts. For one thing, they're not THAT much too big, and then with this cold snap, they're coming in mighty handy. So are my 3X pj's. (I look like MC Hammer, though.)

Stay warm!!