Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Update and Some Ramblings...

One more pound down and only 30.5 to go!!! YAY!! I burned over 400 calories in my workout yesterday too. YAY! I'm so anxious to see if next week I will be into new numbers! I haven't seen the 170's in over 20 years. That will be so kewl.

Now, I won't be stepping on the scales again until Wednesday. Well I may sneak a peak on Saturday since that is the day I started with this new web site and they have me down as that being my weigh-in day but none other than that. Maybe.

I watched Biggest Loser last night for the first time. I haven't watched it before because two of my favorite evening shows came on at the same time and my tivo wouldn't let me tape 2 and watch another one. I can tape 2 but have to be watching one of them. Anyway, I digress. I'm a tad confused with the show. It was interesting and it made me want to get up right in the middle of it and get more exercise into my day but... Aren't we all about losing this weight slowly so that it won't come back on? Aren't we all about changing our lifestyles? How is the way these people are being put through hell and encouraged to lose mega pounds per week going to really help them in the long run? How are they going to LEARN to be healthy? I just don't understand. I WILL probably watch it again next week and maybe I'll find out the answers to my questions if I continue to watch it.

No ice storm today like predicted, just rain. Thank goodness! I still don't think I will be running errands today because I didn't have it planted in my mind to do it and when it comes to running errands I almost have to talk myself into it. But I will have to do it before the week is over because I'm running out of Brussels sprouts. :o) I just love them and they are one of my favorite snacks in the evenings. :o)

Happy Hump Day y'all.


Dutch said...

Way to go on the loss. I love watching the Biggest Loser but I am with you about how much they lose in one week. They will not have Bob and Jillian training with them when they get home. I woke up to about 3 inches of snow on the ground this morning. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Tena said...

Awesome! Another pound gone! WooHoo!

I watched the BL last night and I wished I had a treadmill so I could sweat along with them! I agree about the fast wt loss. They work out so many hours a day which is not possible in the "real world." That alone makes it seem like they won't be able to sustain the loss.

I will probably keep up with the show only because it keeps me motivated. :)

--cara said...

Yea, that's not really the point of Biggest Loser. These people aren't in it to stay skinny for life. They're in it to lose weight the fastest. That's why so many of them balloon right back up after they're off the show.

The season one winner was so crafty and underhanded in the way he "played the game" of losing weight on the show, that as soon as the show was over, within a year, he was right back up to his original starting weight.

So for the people on the show, no, it's not going to help them. But along the way, they learn valuable information that they can take with them to change their life for good after they leave. It just depends on their motivation while their on the show.

What we, as American viewers of the show, will hopefully take away from the show is that "we can do it". We get inspired by their loss. We hear their horrible stories of how they were abused or oppressed or teased as "fatties" and we draw on their strength and determination to help us to overcome our own obstacles.

At least that's what I take away from the show. This show has inspired me to keep losing weight about as much as my blog has inspired me. If they can do it, I can to. And I will.

I absolutely love that show!

Tony said...

OMG the new season of BL is on already? Hope you make it to the 170s next week :).

Donna B said...

Congrats on the weight loss! You are doing so great and all the go girl!
watched most of the biggest loser shows and even though their weight loss is unreal, I still watch it to try and get some inspiration. The exercising is intense, but i also like to find out their "reasons" for gaining weight. Even if I only get a little out of the show, it is worth it.

grammy said...

Keep it up girl. I like the biggest looser, but I agree with you about the to much to fast. By the way you were right on my questions about the kids. you have been paying attention i guess (o:

Fatinah said...

I just wish they would do a show with all the part participants so we could see if they have in fact learned anything!

Natalia said...

Congrats on the loss! I've always wondered how they could go home and have a healthy lifestyle. They weren't living their life while losing. That must be quite a shock to realize that they have to try to squeeze working out in sometime during a regular day of life.

JC said...

Congrats on the loss. I'm so proud of you. We can do this. Yes we can!!

As for Biggest Loser, I love to watch it but talk about an unrealistic show. It has to be at the very top. However, like Cara commented, we can learn somethings for watching the show. The biggest thing I've learned it the food really is not the issue and until we deal with what is really keeping us fat we will stay fat.

Honestly though when the old guy fainted, I heart skipped a beat. Not for him (I know I'm terrible) but for his wife!! They just left her there (at the ranch) and took him to the hospital. They have been married for over 40 years and she just lets them take her husband away without her. That was disturbing to me but I suppose it really isn't any of my concern.

Sorry, I'm going on and on. BTW I'm proud of you keeping up the exercise

Nicole said...

I admit, I have never seen the biggest loser.

MaryFran said...

Congrats on the weight loss!!

I admit that I watch The biggest Loser. However, I have NO desire whatsoever to lose it the way that they do. It's not healthy and it's not easily sustainable! However it does remind me that it CAN be done....and if they can do it..then I can (just at a slower pace)