Sunday, January 11, 2009

Second Week Update...

I think I'm becoming a recluse. It was all I could do yesterday to talk myself into going off the mountain to run my errands. I don't know why, because I really don't mind it after I'm out and about, actually I enjoy it. I just hate leaving the house. Boy if I could get my groceries delivered through the Internet I'd sure do it. It was pouring down the rain but it was the only window I had without snow in the forcast and just in case the snow gets high I wanted to have provisions in the house. Snow is predicted every day next week. 'Course I think the National Weather Service does that so they won't look so bad if it doesn't and they didn't tell people about it, because so far they've been wrong about the ice storms they have predicted the past couple of weeks.

I was so proud of myself yesterday. I had breakfast before I went and didn't even contemplate stopping for a goodie in town. Just fixed myself a bowl of Taco Soup as soon as I got home. Calories were 1361 yesterday and I burned 585 calories in my exercise. That's another 6 days in a row! (Today is my planned day of rest.) Those of you that have been with me from this summer can pick yourselves up off the floor now. Me, the person that was so excited about starting exercising and quiting after 2 days. Remember, that happened quite a few times this summer? But here I was last evening wishing I had a treadmill so I could get on it and get some walking in! So, how often should I measure the body parts? I've never worried about it before because I've known that it takes a long time to shed inches not exercising but now...

Since I started this 6 Week Challenge I've dropped 5.5 pounds (as of last Wednesday). I've eaten an average of 1467 calories per day and burned an average of 291 calories per day. I've worked myself up from 10 minutes of exercise to 33 minutes in these past 2 weeks. And I've set my HRM to beep when I'm out of my calorie burn range and try to stay in it as long as possible. So far I've stayed in that range for 20 minutes the past couple of days. The DVD I'm doing has a warm up and a cool off song so that accounts for about 5 minutes of that time not in the calorie burn range. My plans are to continue this DVD for another week or maybe two (haven't decided yet) and then switch to the second one, which is supposed to be a little tougher.

Off to read your blogs. I didn't do that yesterday so it will probably take me a while. Have a great Sunday.

PS: I got a comment from Mother Hubbard and have gone to her blog. It is great! You'll want to check it out. But...for some reason it won't let me comment. So this is to Mother Hubbard, check your settings because I really want to comment and become a friend in this blogland.


Donna B said...

Had to smile when I read your comment about wanting a treadmill to step on and walk/run. I feel the same way about exercise right now! It took a few weeks to get in the "habit", but now I actually plan it in my day and look forward to it. Don't get me wrong, when I start getting sweaty ot tired, I still "don't like" exercise, but it has become a way of life and I feel so much better! Keep up the good work.

grammy said...

Rain now huh? Well It is nice here today. I have to get ready for church. we usually go on Saturday night , but not this weekend. Keep working out girlfriend. This week I am going to try to walk everyday...yikes...I can't believe I said that. Now I might actually feel obligated to do it.

Stages of Change said...

Congrats on the restraint when out and about in town, and great job on all the food intake and exercise you've been doing. Enjoy the well deserved rest today!

Jeanne said...

I have stumbled across your blog and I am so glad I did! You have done an awesome job with your own weight loss and exercise and I am looking for some motivation!

I have my own blog, but it's Private (for family reasons) Could you send me your email? I would love to add you to my reader list!


Katschi (Karen) said...

Hi Deb!
I'm abit, ok, alot reclusive myself. I just love being at home, what can I say?
I'm proud of you, too, for resisting temptation & eating well beforehand.
I smiled like Donna said she did when I read about your exercise frequency & your desire to have a treadmill. Ain't it a hoot to see these changes in our attitudes toward exercise?
You're really doing well on the 6 week challenge!
Thank you very much, Deb, for all your kindness & support! It means alot to me :)

MaryFran said...

You know...if I didn't HAVE to go out, I wouldn't. I am completely content to stay at my house and rattle around here all day!!!!