Thursday, January 8, 2009

Exercise YAY...

Another good day yesterday with exercise. I really didn't want to exercise at all but I made myself and burned 545 calories. I've been doing 4 songs on the DVD and added another one last night. And this time I was sweating. I don't like to sweat! I'm allergic to sweat! But it felt good. Eating was phenomenal, only 1180 calories. Now before you all go ballistic on me I know that was low especially with the calorie burn during the exercises but I was satisfied and my body told me that it didn't want any thing more. I'll try to do better in the future, and think about adding some peanut butter or something when it is that low.

My favorite song on the DVD (Sweatin' to the Oldies) is "Wipe Out." It really gets me moving and I love the dance steps he puts with it. I would have given almost anything to have had someone here with a camera on the cool down song. I have to get on the floor and do stretches and my dogs think that I'm getting in the floor to be with them. They were all over and around me. I just kept kissing them and telling them that they needed to stretch too, but they wouldn't do it.

It's snowing again. Took a little nap yesterday and when I woke up there was snow! I haven't' been looking at the weather reports so it was a surprise to me. It has continued off and on since then and we have about 2 inches with another 2 predicted for today. That's cool, just so it doesn't get to a foot, I'm good. And if it does I'm good to go anyway. I might not have all the things in the house that I really like to have but I won't starve either.

I had recorded DietTribe from Sunday and watched it yesterday. I like it a lot more than Biggest Loser. It is much more realistic and you go away with the same feelings of wanting to exercise and realizing that everyone out there has the same problems as I do. Of course, I already knew that because of YOU.

I'm still giving some thought into buying myself a treadmill. The more I watch these diet shows the more I want one. Do you have any suggestions as to the best brands? I'd want one that would record all the stats, in other words one that has all the bells and whistles. Before I decide to definitely get one I'd have to rearrange my living room to see if I'd have a place to put it. Don't want it setting in the middle of the floor. I just don't have another room to put it in since all I have is one bedroom. And I'd want it where I could watch TV while doing it so I wouldn't get bored.

I can't believe it's Thursday already. Gee, how time flies.


Stages of Change said...

Wow, excellent adherence to eating plan, and Excellent work-out! Wipe Out is a great song btw, I'm a big fan.

I think getting is a treadmill for home is a GREAT idea and one I would do in a second if they made a treadmill that could still work with a 600 pound man on it for under $10,000. Still, get one! No reccomendations though. Also, I've never heard of DietTribe, but I like the name, I'm going to go check it out.

Have a great day!

Natalia said...

Sounds like you are doing great. I would like a treadmill too! We don't have any room though!

SeaBreeze said...

If you get a treadmill be sure to test it in the store the same way you'd like to use it at home. You want to ensure its stable, has programs applicable to you, and the right size.

biz319 said...

My sister told me about that Diet Tribe - I'll have to check it out!

Congrats on the workouts! You go!

JC said...

Good going with the exercise. If I got one the floor to exercise or stretch, I would have to crawl to a piece of furniture and pull up like a toddler. Now a pretty site. HA! Enjoy the snow, stay warm with Richard. HA!

I would love a treadmill but like Natalia, I don't have room.

SeaShore said...

When I do a dvd, kitties and puppies must be out of the room. Getting on the floor = play time in their minds :)

Fatinah said...

you are a calorie burning fool!

Cammy said...

I missed Diet Tribe!! I'll have to check for online episodes.

As far as treadmills go, I'm not sure which brands are best. I have a cast off Sears brand from my parents and it's been working fine for years. Of course, it got no use whatsoever for a few of those years, but still. :)

Good going on the exercise and don't worry about the low calories. A day here and there on the low side doesn't hurt any more than an occasional up day. You're doing great!!