Thursday, January 1, 2009

Reflections on 2008...

I've been reading all your blogs reflecting on 2008 and thought to myself that I should do that too, not for you, for me. Cara's the one that really got me to thinking about my ups and downs and I need to voice them to get them out of my system.

I left 2007 behind weighing 209. It took me 6 months to shed 40 pounds to get to that point. I didn't look at the stats then or even give them much thought. And I think that was the wrong way of looking at the life of becoming slimmer and healthier. So that mistake won't be made again this year.

I got complacent in 2008. I guess I figured that first 40 pounds came off so easily that the rest would be easy too. Boy did I ever get a rude awakening. "The proof is in the pudding," so they say because I just looked back on my stats and found that in a whole year of 2008 I only lost 27.5 pounds. What? Why only 27.5 pounds? Because I got too sure of myself. I got too proud. I got too bored. I got sick of skinless/boneless chicken.

By March I'd only lost ~10 pounds. Then I discovered YOU! Cara kept telling me that it was awesome to blog and find out that there are others out there that have the same struggles I have. I balked at first and told her I had nothing to say and finally gave in and found out that there are people out there in this wide, wide world that struggle just like me (well, not JUST like me but struggle just the same). Without YOU I probably would have given up and quit this journey to one-derland (to borrow a word from Charlie). YOU have given me strength! Without YOU I would be a lonely, lonely old lady (and I use that word loosely). YOU have gotten me through these last 9 months!

Oh, I still stumbled and I even fell on my rump a time or two, but because of YOU I got back up and dusted off my rear and got back on the horse. Because of YOU I have discovered that I can do it! Mostly because I've watched some of you stumble and fall as well. Your inspirations and lives that you have shared with me have given me strength to start the new year with a positive attitude and a new outlook on life.

So, that's my New Years Resolution. I won't get complacent with this journey. Oh, I'm sure I'll stumble a time or three and probably fall some along the year, but.......I won't give up.

The highlights of my 2008 are YOU! Thank all of YOU for sticking by me. Thank all of YOU for reading the ramblings of an old chick! Thank all of YOU for commenting and trying to encourage me! Thank all of YOU for sharing your piece of this world! Thank all of YOU for being YOU!!!

Did you know that YOU are awesome?


MizFit said...

love the highlights and did the same thing on my boringpersonalblog :)

and in this day where my toddler has been telling me I sucketh i shall happily accept yer compliment that Im awesome and send it back your way.

grammy said...

Happy New Year to you sweetie. You are doing great and I am proud of you and encouraged by you. I think as I read your blog over the year you may have went through a bit a depression and it of course affected your eating (and life). Keep up the good work and hope it continues to go well for you. Hey, did you see the gloves Kathy is knitting for texters....missing a finger and thumb. Thats funny. Could probably market those.

Natalia said...

Happy New Year! Here's to a better year in 2009!

biz319 said...

Just found your site through my brothers blog:

I loved your post! Check out my blog tomorrow for my first of the month giveaway and weight loss/exercise/personal challenge post.

We all need each other to succeed!

Happy New Year - looking forward to checking out the rest of your blog.

JC said...

Deborah, You are one of my blog buddies that I actually feel like I know. I love your site. I love that you share yourself with honesty. You have help me in ways I can't even put into words. We will continue our journey and reach our goad in 2009. I know we are up to it.

Candace MacPherson said...

Happy New Year Debbie. Glad Cara decided to get YOU to start posting - because YOU are awesome.

--cara said...

Isn't that funny. I lost 30 pounds in 2008 ad you lost only two and a half pounds less than me—27.5. I think I was waiting for you to catch up with me (subliminally, of course).

So now I'm done waiting for you. Are we ready to get this ball rolling again??

Me too!

Here's to 30 more pounds in 2009!!

MaryFran said...

The feeling is VERY mutual my dear!!!! YOU have helped me immensely!

Sparky said...

you are awesome! 27.5 pounds after previously losing 40 pounds! Wahoo!!!!

Cammy said...

You're a mighty awesome person yourself! I'm proud of what you've achieved so far and I *know* that there is more greatness ahead. I'm hoping that includes another meet-up this year, because that was one of my high spots from last year! :)