Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One More Gone...

One more pound gone!! Only a half a pound until I hit 70 pounds lost!! And there WAS a new number in the tens place!! (See my side bar "Weight Stats.") I got a slap on the wrist yesterday from my on-line calorie/exercise counter for not eating enough calories. I had 1462 calories! But I did expend 505 on exercise. I guess they are subtracting the numbers. Don't they realize that with this old body I need to do it that way in order to lose? Of course they don't, they are basing it all on "studies." Poopoo on them, I'll do it they way I need too in order to lose this weight, so there.

I've already run the sweeper this morning. Orkin is coming today. They come in the winter because I have a one year contract with them and I guess it helps keep the spiders out of the house and mice out of the crawl space.

Biggest Loser was a tear jerker for sure last night. I'm really disappointed it went that way. I so wanted to see Joelle leave last night. And you know me I've got to gripe about the program a little, so please don't take it as a slam on all of you BL fans. What's with Bob telling the guys that if they want a cookie in the afternoons to try to chew some gum first and if they still want the cookie then have it? I thought they were supposed to be learning to be healthy. Why didn't he just suggest a healthy snack that would put the energy back in their bodies? Since this is my first time watching the program, do they ever show their eating habits or the type of foods they eat for a healthier body? I loved Bob's comment about being possessed by Jillian for his tirade.

Weather much the same here. Cold and snowy. Still not much accumulation but it is forecast for tonight. Just hope it doesn't exceed the 3 inch prediction. Is anyone else out there ready for Spring or is it just me wishing my life away?

Have a healthy day, blog-buds!


Shelley said...

This is my first season for watching the Biggest Loser as well, and I was wondering the same thing - ARE they getting any nutritional counseling? Do they have a meal plan, and if so, how can that one woman (not Joelle, the green lady) only have lost one pound if she's exercising 6 - 7 hours a day?

--cara said...

Product endorsement.

That's what the gum was all about. They do that throughout the show. It gets annoying. But someone's got to pay the light bills, right? :)

They do go into the nutrition the more the season goes on. You'll probably see 50% physical, 30% drama and 20% nutrition. They don't dwell on it a lot, but they do go into it. Mostly just how to make smart decisions when cooking, like using light alternatives, etc.

The first few seasons weren't quite as bad about the prod endorsements, but they're rampant throughout, now. Just take it with a grain of salt. The show is so much more to me than prod endorsements, that I just ignore them when they happen.

MaryFran said...

I so wanted Joelle to go home also!!! And yes, I got quite teary a couple times throughout the show! (ok, I was laughing when Bob was on his tirade...AND when he said he was posssessed by Jillian)

The touch on the healthy eating and stress that eating right is important...but to actually go into depth on the eating plans...nope! (at least not that I can remember).

Ohhh yeah...the gum, subway, jello. The show will be sprinkled with lots of references. But hey, like cara said...someone has to pay the bills. :-)

I agree....a healthier option should have been made....but I do see merit. If you are REALLY craving something...divert your thoughts and if that craving is still there 10 minutes (or however long) later..then if that healthy snack just won't cut it.......well.....I guess eat it. Otherwise it sometimes possesses a person (ok, it possesses me)

Fatinah said...

that whole segment was about the gum.

On the other hand, the reality is that these people are not going to go the rest of their lives without eatin a cookie. Sometimes you are going to have a cookie. I think he was just trying to say try something else first. Then maybe you won't eat the whole box.
We've all been on this journey long enough to know that sometimes when you want a cookie, nothing else will do!! They used to show us food related clips in the first couple of seasons, but now it is all just seeing them workout. I guess when you're working them out 8 hours a day, what else could they show us? I watch cause I think Bob is so scrumptious. I would have him before a cookie OR a piece of gum!! ;-)

Meanwhile - look at you - losing ANOTHER pound. I'm just so impressed with your hard work and great attitude. You are a shinning example of weight loss and health in a realistic environment.

Chews to Lose said...

Congrats on the 1 pound - just one more for 70 - that's fantastic.

Dutch said...

I am so ready for Spring. I woke up to an additional 8 inches of snow on the ground and it is still snowing. Tomorrow our temperature is going to be 0 with wind chills making it -30 below. Spring, yes I'm ready. lol I also wanted Joelle to go home on the BL. Way to go on the 1 lb. Keep up the good work. Have a great day.

Donna said...

Ugh! That is one of my complaints about BL - the whorish product placements. Especially because it's always so obvious and cheesy!

The worst one was last season when Colleen's father had to go home. To ease the pain, Jillian gave her a fancy mp3 player with wireless headphones. It was an obvious plug and poor colleen was trying to play along, but she was obviously so upset that it was painful to watch.

Anyway, I agree with Cara. Gotta pay the bills somehow!

Last season didn't address nutrition aside from meal and snack tips here and there. You don't know how much the contestants are consuming. I think the reason is because they tailor a diet for each person, they aren't all the same.

Big Girl said...

Congrats on the pound gone.

Stay warm!

Tena said...

Wow! Another pound! You are smokin'!! Keep it up!

I wish Joelle had taken the money when they offered it. Unless she has a complete attitude transplant, I don't think she will last for very many shows.

It would be nice if they spent more time on nutrition. Working out for 6 - 8 hours a day will not be possible when they leave the show. Knowing how and what to eat will be a lasting effort.

Donna B said...

READY FOr spring here! Way too cold today. Plan to stay inside the rest of the week.
YOU GO GIRL! COngrats on the weight loss! Love that your online tracker scolded you for not eating enough! Too funny~
The Biggest Loser does some with wht they eat, but not enough to give it away since they have an on-line site you can PAY to find out some of that info from what I am told. So far I have lost my weight without paying a cent, I decided not to start now. I'll figure out how to get these last 20#'s off, just might take some tiome. Keep up the good work!

grammy said...

I have not been watching the BL this year. Taking the year off i guess. You have lots of comments discussing it (o: Good for you on the pound.

Mother Hubbard said...

Well I haven't watched the BL because I saw that danged commercial where Bob was yelling at that poor woman and I wanted to snatch his gonads off. *coughs* so...but I did some research and will put that in my blog when I write it. Thank you for writing me and I'm so happy I got the comment thinger fixed lol. Oh gosh and congrats on that pound. Way to go! Spring?? *scratches head* whats that? Toooo cold here in Georgia low 64 degrees and us suthern girls get out the long johns. . . well at least we crawl under the good ol' croheted afgan lol. Brrr. I haven't see snow in a while but when it does snow here well everyone gets nuts lol I'll write about that in my blog too. It'll make you chuckle sort of. Ok nuff I'm so happy we are blog friends. You stay warm up on that mountain and I'm sure all the bears are hibernating and I saw that pic of the bear in your yard. I had a coyote in mine this summer we had a stare down lol. Skeered me to death cuz it was tying to corner mah cat. Anyway could go on. Have a blessed day (evening) and keep up the good work. Oh and you'll find a treadmill just research them really good. Ok I'm out. :=)

Anonymous said...

Gosh, everyone is talking about the biggest loser today :( I can't stay up that late to watch it. I guess I need to start recording it so I know what everone is talking about!

SeaShore said...

Ooooo! A new weight decade! Congratulations!

I think everyone was disappointed by last night's BL outcome. But wasn't it great that Jerry looked soooo much better at the end?

JC said...

Congrats on the loss you are doing great!! Glad I wasn't the only one to cry with BL last night.

Tony said...

Grats on the loss! I actually was glad that Joelle didn't leave. Quite frankly, she is extremely entertaining. Bob's outburst was hilarious.

Cammy said...

Oooh, knocking on 70!! (I'm so excited I can hardly sit still. I think I'll count it as today's exercise. :))

I laughed at the gum thing, too, but you know what? It works. I don't like chewing gum, so I don't do it that often, but on a few days when I've had the munchies, a piece of gum did the trick! But I agree with Cara: product endorsement!