Saturday, January 24, 2009

NSV (Non Scale Victory)...

I've lost 5 inches in 4 weeks!!

Can you hear the big brass band playing in the background?

Wow, talk about getting the mind and spirit back into this. This is surely something that will do it. There WILL be exercise in my routine for today! See, those durn scales don't mean so much after all. I'm renewed!!

It took me a year to chisel 2 inches off my waist without exercise and only 4 weeks to reduce it by one with exercise. I really hate to admit it ('cause I love being lazy) but this exercise stuff really works.

To those of you out there that aren't sticking with it on the exercise front check out my 6 Weeks Challenge data on my side bar and you will see that it worked for me and I didn't even stick with it 100% . It doesn't take 100% effort to get this job done. Nobody's perfect when it comes to staying on plan 100% of the time. We're human after all and humans are fallible. We slip, we slide, but the important thing is to steer ourselves back to the straight and narrow.

I've been reading a lot of blogs lately where people are getting discouraged because they are sticking with it and the scales aren't moving. They might mention that the pants feel a little looser or some such but are you measuring? Get out the tape measure if you aren't and find a starting point as of now. Then check it out in a month and be amazed at the improvement. I didn't do that in the beginning so I had to guess (according to size charts) what my waist, hips and chest were. This time I added calf, thigh and bicep to my measurements and was really surprised to see that even with all this skin dangling like bat wings on my arms that I'd lost a half an inch there.

Their calling for a cold weekend here but I sure enjoyed the warmer weather for the past two days. There are only a few small patches of snow left around the cabin.

Have a great weekend.


MaryFran said...

WOOO HOOOOO!! Congrats on the lost inches!!!

Cammy said...


And I'm not even sitting here thinking, I told her so.


Exercise made all the difference for me, and I'm glad you're seeing it, too!

Oct said...

Congrats ... that is awesome progress!

Dutch said...

Way to Go. Thanks for reminding me about measuring. I have been thinking about doing it for weeks but you have convinced me. Today is the day I start exercising even if it is only doing my Walk Away The Pounds dvd's. Have a wonderful weekend.

Shelley said...

I do hear that brass band all the way in Texas - many congratulations are in order!!!

You've shown that even if you miss a few days, don't throw in the towel - exercise works. Rock on, Deborah!

Tena said...

I thought I heard some crashing of symbols this morning! ;)

WOW! WOW! WOW! That is so awesome! Thanks for reminding me about taking measurements. I usually avoid tape measures but I'm going to bite the bullet and get measurin'.

I'm so happy for you!! Exercise is a pain but it is what we need in order to keep the fat away.

Donna B said...

Inspirational post!
Good job. I too, noticed that my pants fit better and had to even retire a few pair that look like 'clown" pants, even though I haven't lost any additional pounds. Exercise is the answer! Keep up the good work.

Natalia said...

Congratulations that is awesome!!! :)

grammy said...

Happy for you of course. Hope the weather is nice too. I have the two youngest grands all day and over night. Man am I tired. Thankfully it is bath time. (o:

JC said...

WONDERFUL!!!! YEA YOU!!! I'm getting more excited about inches than I am pounds right now. You are doing great and I am proud.

Fatinah said...

that is a NSV of gargantuan proportions!! Awesome work!!