Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Housework and Munchies...

First of all I want to answer a few comments from yesterday. I do consume a lot of water both before and during my exercising. And the day I got the dizzy spell I had just had a really protein rich meal about an hour before starting. I'm pretty sure it was my blood pressure dropping. That happens a lot with me and sometimes even when I'm just setting still. I know what it feels like, so I figure that is what it was. As for the dogs dialing 9-1-1, I wish. AND I am NOT going to start wearing one of those alert necklaces. I'm not that old!

Now on to more important things.

Durn you Katschi! You shamed me into cleaning my kitchen. I even went so far as to rearrange some stuff on the counter tops. I moved everything to a different spot except my toaster oven. Now it's all sparkly and I keep going to the wrong place to heat something or make coffee. I really think it's a better location for the stuff so I'll leave it there and eventually I'll get used to it. Please, please, please don't clean out your garage. I don't think I could do that one on my own.

Gosh, the munchies hit me yesterday, and now that I think of it the day before too. Someone must have slipped some pot in my brownies. WAIT! I didn't have any brownies. And I don't think the dogs have the money to buy any pot. Must just be that one time a month where it hits. Hope it's gone today because I have to head to the big city of Lewisburg and there are all kinds of temptations there.

Haven't weighed myself yet today but will probably do that right before I shower to leave. I'll come back then and let you know how I did on the scale.

Have a nice "hump day."


grammy said...

Hope you have agreat day. That puppy is so cute. I really have a soft spot for labs.

Tena said...

You are making me laugh today! I can just see you lost in your own kitchen. We moved our microwave not too long ago and it took months for us to stop trying to turn on the cannisters! LOL

Have fun on your trip! Take some almonds with you.

biz319 said...

Good luck with the weigh in!!

Raymonty said...

Keep up the good work!

Cammy said...

I tell you, McDonald's Fruit and Yogurt is a delish "special city treat". Unless being inside McD's tempts you to other things. (I was there the other day, and for the first time in YEARS, their fries actually smelled good.)

JC said...

Thank you for making me laugh out loud until I snorted. "Pot in your brownies" priceless (as I wipe away tears)

I've been so stress the last few days that I really needed to laugh hard.

OH and rearranging your kitchen. What are you thinking? Then I read Tena's comment about moving the microwave and trying to turn on the cannisters and I'm laughing all over again.

OH ME, I got to go the bathroom. NOW! LOL!!!!!!!

Stages of Change said...

Good luck on the weigh in! And no matter the results, here's to another great week!