Friday, January 9, 2009

20/20 Vision NOT...

Boy you guys need to get your eyes examined. I think you should pick up the phone immediately and call for an appointment. That was not a good picture of me! It was a horrible picture of me! And it's all Karen's fault! I even contemplated taking a picture of myself in a smaller shirt that I'm trying to get down to so that it will fit well (like she did), but I haven't yet and even if I do I surely WON'T publish it. Or at least not until it fits well and then maybe I'd do a before and after. Maybe.

Went a little over on my calories yesterday but it "all came out in the wash" with the calories I burned. So do I decide to count that as a good calorie day or a bad one? Guess I'll have to think on that one awhile. Okay I just looked at the reports and with the exercise and going a little over I still had calories left over that I could have eaten. So I'll count that as a good calorie day. YAY!

I can't figure out why I'm still on a high about losing this last 30+ pounds but I am. I'm trying to remember back to when I started and how long it took me to get fed up with it. Just looked back at a chart I've been keeping of my weekly losses (and gains) and my first zero was at the end of 6 weeks then my first gain was 10 weeks from then. Well, I'm determined to not let all that get to me again. Oh, I'll have some weeks without a loss and I'll have some weeks with a gain (heaven forbid but it will happen), but I WON'T let it get me down again. Sure hope I can stick to that promise.

Finished reading the book "Duma Key" by Stephen King last night. It was a really good one. It didn't get weird until about half way through and got really weird about 3/4 way through it. It was the old SK in good form. So if you like that genre, I'd recommend it for sure. Right now I'm trying to decide if I want to read a Nicholas Sparks or a mystery. Will let you know.

Hope you all have a great weekend! TGIF!


grammy said...

Your funny. We all have issues with pictures of ourselves. lol You inspire me with how hard you are working. I have no, absolutely no idea how you can read that book in the woods all by yourself. I want to read the newest Sparks book (I think it is new) Sunday at Tiffanies (or something like that).

Cammy said...

One thing to remember is that you were a little short on calories a few days ago. Along with the exercise, that will help balance the little overage.

Have a marvy weekend!

Natalia said...

Have a great weekend! :)

Nicole said...

Today I had a slice of chicken pesto pizza and on my first bite, I said, "yuck, this is not very good, not worth 600 calories." Then I finished eating the whole slice.

Now I'm hungry and am have run out of calories for the day. Trying to get excited about a dry spinach salad with carrots... maybe some grilled chicken. Chicken pesto pizza is still NOT worth 600 calories!

Mother Hubbard said...

Go on girl!! *smiles* You're looking great. You peaked my interest and respect by learning that you live totally alone up on a mountain in the woods. I live in Georgia and have a view of Sweat Mountain out my back window but my gawd it would scare the peewadin out of me to live alone like you do up there. I give you Kudos. Losing weight at our age sucks. You know it does but little by little you're knocking off those pounds and I'm happy for you. One DVD I can recommend to you is Chair Dancing by Jodi Stolove. It has three different levels and she also stops to let you take your heart rate. All sitting down!! ( I have to I'm in a wheelchair) But it doesn't matter walking or not, age range, all of it is varied as you can see on the sample on You Tube. No Im just a southern girl and don't work for the Chair Dancing company BUT I highly recommend it. I really enjoy your blog and am looking forward to reading more and maybe hearing from you sometime. Have a blessed day and a great weekend. *smiles*
Mother Hubbard