Thursday, January 22, 2009


I just can't figure it out. I didn't come back and add to my blog yesterday about my weigh-in because it showed me up one half pound. That was disgusting but I figure it was because I wasn't able to exercise a couple of days because of being sick. Although after averaging my calorie intake and expenditure it came to 1248 calories. Now that should still show a loss! Then this morning I hopped on the scales and I was down to 179, that's a half pound loss from last week and a pound down from yesterday morning. So I'm going with that number! Mainly because I joined the HYC last weekend and they didn't have a 69 pounds lost button to put on my blog and I went ahead and put the 70 pounds lost on there. And now it's true!!

I wasn't very good yesterday food wise. I just felt so disgusted that I stopped at Ruby Tuesdays around 1:30 and had their Ruby Mini's. I got the 2 with fries and a salad and of course unsweetened iced tea. I ate a large salad and it was such a beautiful plate that I was sorry I didn't have my camera with me to take a picture to show you. It had lettuce, fresh spinach, a TBSP of eggs, cucumbers, baby limas, shredded beets, bleu cheese, grape tomatoes, mushrooms and a little french dressing. I had forgotten that the fries would come and sighed when I saw them. I ate ONE and that was it. I did eat both little burgers and was sorry. I was soooooo stuffed that I was miserable. This was all before the trip through Wal-Mart and I became so sleepy I was wondering if I'd fall asleep at the buggy. If I'd had to drive home on an Interstate I would have had a hard time keeping my eyes opened, but the roads that lead from Wal-Mart to my house are curvy and they kept me alert enough. Needless to say I wasn't hungry until really late last night and had a half a chicken salad sandwich and a yogurt.

I was hoping to find some Almond milk there but alas they don't carry it so I just got my regular Light Vanilla Silk. It's good and I like it with my cereal for a bedtime snack. I've been out for about a month because my little store hasn't restocked it. I hope they aren't cutting it out. I'll have to talk to them. Like that's going to do any good.

I checked out the treadmills while at Wal-Mart and one that they have on display would work and has all the bells and whistles that the one I was considering has, except the handles that add an upper body workout. I just have to wait until my NJ daughter and her fiance come to visit to get it so he can haul it in his truck and help me get it in the house. Then since that one doesn't have the handles for the upper body workout I decided to get a Wii and a Wii Fit. They had the Wii but not the Wii Fit. I got the console and will order the Fit online this week. That will take care of the upper body for me.

Night before last when I exercised I used a different Richard Simmons DVD (for the first time) and was having a hard time keeping up with his different moves. Guess I'm just used to the other one. So when I'd get off kilter I would just head to the foot of my stairs and go up and down the first step for 20 repetitions on each leg. And a couple of times I would walk really fast around my kitchen and living room. It's kinda interesting that when I first started with his first DVD I didn't sweat but now I surely do.

Guess I've rambled enough about my boring life.

Have a great Thursday our there in blog-land.


Chews to Lose said...

Congratulations on 70 pounds. I hope I can be as successful as you've been.
You didn't do too bad at lunch yesterday. They were mini burgers and you only had one fry. It could have been worse.

Jeanne said...

70 lbs is AWESOME! I haven't even lost 7!!! (lol)

I ordered a treadmill at the beginning of the month from HSN and I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting it's arrival!!!

ONE FRY? I don't care what else you did, that is definitely a NSV!!! (Non Scale Victory!!)


Tena said...

Woo Hoo! 70 lbs!! You are doing awesome! I can't wait till I can say that!

And good for you not eating the fries! That is something I would have struggled with. :)

Shelley said...

Congrats on hitting the 70 pound mark - that is awesome!!!

And I have to echo the other commenters - ONE FRY?!? That is some willpower!!! I'm not sure I could have left them. You go, girl!

grammy said...

Just one did great with that. That is one thing that has changed in my life. No fries and I don't miss them. I ask my hubby to please not get them (for his own good) but he is not there yet. I am happy for you girl. I can see some real life style changes and not just a diet. Lots of people talk a bout the Wie (sp?) It will be fun to hear your take on it.

Have you read Edgar Sawtill (something like that) I want to know if it is good.

MaryFran said...

You managed to eat only one fry????? That is a HUGE victory!

I'm with you in the conundrum about weight loss and the scales reports! I just wish it all made sense 100% of the time!

MaryFran said...

You managed to eat only one fry????? That is a HUGE victory!

I'm with you in the conundrum about weight loss and the scales reports! I just wish it all made sense 100% of the time!

Stages of Change said...

NOTHING boring about 70lbs, and only one fry is NOTHING to sneeze at either. THAT is control.

Anyway, hope you have a great one, and that you find a WI fit soon, that sounds great!

Fatinah said...

just one fry? Good Lord! I'm impressed!!

70lbs - woohooo!!

You're gonna love the wii fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JC said...

Congrats on 70 lbs gone. Woo Hoo, YEAAAAAAAA you. You did good by eating a lot of salad before those fries got ther. You are doing awesome with your exercise. Exercising at home it so very hard for me.

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Nicole said...

I fell off the wagon entirely last week. OFF. THE. WAGON. Then the wagon rolled over my foot and I spent the rest of the week pouting and limping... I'm back.

The weight gain may be water weight? How is your salt intake? Also, being sedentary while you were sick may have had an impact.

Check out

This site helps you determine, based on weight and lifestyle, how many calories you need to maintain your weight and how much you need to lose weight. I find it helpful.

Mother Hubbard said...

Congratulations on the 70 lbs. WhOoT!!!! One fry LOL good for you, that's awesome. Hey rather than run up and down the stairs maybe you should try that rope ladder thinger I saw on Martha Stewart/ Check it out. Thank you for the kind words. Have a blessed and safe day.

biz319 said...

A loss is a loss - don't worry about it!

Look at the big picture - 70 pounds are gone and will never come back!

Hang in!