Thursday, December 4, 2008


Well, I did it. I actually got off my duff and put the DVD in and danced with Richard Simmons. Didn't do much sweatin' cause I had the heat turned down and it was a little chilly in here when I started but I was nice a warm when I finished. The DVD is an hour long but I only made it half way through and just couldn't stand huffing and puffing any more. Boy, I've got a lot of work to do to get back to where I was this summer. I actually enjoyed it and will do it again today. One of the best parts of his DVD's is that there are people up there dancing with him that are my size and what used to be my size. I've tried several others but didn't like them because the people on there could do everything perfectly and definitely didn't look like they had ever been over weight or out of shape.

He stopped about 15 minutes into it and had us take our pulse and mine was 270. Forgot to strap on the HRM but will do that today and record my accomplishments. The ouch in the title is my neck. In one of the dances he had us stretch our necks and boy did mine crack when I bent it to the side. I think I over did that one a little because my neck is really sore on one side. Funny how we don't move our neck in every day living.

I've got his second one too but won't try that one right now. It is supposed to be a little more intense and right now I just want to try to make it through the first one all the way through.

I've got some extra water run and filled up all the animal's dishes, so we are set if the power goes off. I've got a rechargable lantern but for the life of me I can't find the charger. I haven't used it since my hubby died and I don't know where he put it. So it will just have to be candles and oil lamps.


grammy said...

Now I have snow. I didn't want snow before I leave for my trip. Oh well! Hope there isn't a lot of snow in New York (o: I think you are suppose to put ice on your neck...I always want heat.

MaryFran said...

I can't help but laugh when I do the Richard Simmons exercises. It's so hard not to...and that makes the time fly by!!! I'm with you...I like watching 'normal' people up there!

Congrats on the pair of pants in your stash fitting!!! WOO HOOOO! HUGE victory!

JC said...

YEA YOU!!! Warming up with Richard. You go girl. A generator might be a good investment. I have natural gas stove so if all else falls I can still cook.

I did something to my knee at Curves so I'm out of commission for a few days. It is better today.

Sparky said...

Hey! I'm proud of you! Sounds like something you might like doing. I love the photo of the kitties!!!

Cammy said...

No fair! You made me want to get one of these tapes, but the goodwill store didn't have any! I'll keep my eyes open, though.

Glad you had fun!