Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Comfortable Company...

I don't know what is going on in my head right now. I've been so blessed with good health over my 60+ years and have been bragging lately that at this ripe old age I'm not on any meds AT ALL. No high blood pressure, no diabetes, no cholesterol problems and so forth. Then I go to the doctor last week because I wasn't feeling so well in the female department. I insisted on getting a complete blood work up too, even though the doctor tried to talk me out of it because of the cost, she wasn't sure my insurance would cover it. Well, the female test has come back with an all clear. Whoopee!! Now I'm waiting on the blood work part. And the bad part is that I'm imagining all kinds of problems. Every little ache and pain I may get during the day has me thinking that maybe something is really wrong with me. Example: pain in the side of my neck wrapping around to the back, had me thinking I was going to have a stroke. Now, this has just got to stop! I think it is because I live alone and start to imagine all sorts of negative stuff that no one can talk me out of. Or it may be my mortality that is niggling at the back of my mind. Gotta get back that positive thinking about my health.

Company came and went and I enjoyed them immensely. They brought left over fried chicken and a very small friendship cake as a Christmas present. I really thanked them for making the cake a small one. And I did get into it yesterday and ate about 1/4. I'm working on making it last at least 4 days and counting the calories into my daily allotment. The fired chicken? Well, I opted for 2 wings. One I ate the night they arrive and the other was for lunch the next day. "All things in moderation."

They were so funny after we finished supper. They had been to Indiana and I was the last stop on their way home. They know that I have a DVR and wanted to know what movies I'd taped. So they picked one out that they wanted to watch (and I'd seen a couple of times already). I put it on and about halfway through it I looked over when I heard snoring and noticed that they were both asleep. And it was only 7:30. They must have been zonked with all the traveling and visiting. They did wake up with just 15 minutes left of the movie and I filled them in on what they had missed. Then they headed to bed. Well, he did anyway. She stayed with me and we talked for a couple of hours. Guess hers was a power nap. He was my hubbies old school chum and married this wonderful woman 5 years ago. She is the sweetest most thoughtful person I've ever met.

She can't stand to set still so she got up the next morning and began cleaning. What? I cleaned before they came. But that's just her. She saw something that I had put off and just did it. I had been saving boxes and putting my personal paperwork in them to be burned and was saving them for when they came because he loves to start a fire outside and I had decided I'd have some fuel for him to start the fire. Well, the wind was just blowing too much for a fire so she proceeded to make everything compact and take them to the garage for me to save for when they come back and the wind isn't too strong. This used to bother me but it doesn't anymore. I just let her go, because that's the way she is. I even joked with her about when she comes back in the spring I'd put Windex in her hand and put her on a ladder outside with me on the inside armed with my own bottle and we'd hit all the windows.

Follow-up visit with the doctor tomorrow at the horrible (for me) hour of 9:00 AM. Hope the blood work is back by then. Will be heading to Lewisburg for the last of my Christmas shopping and stocking up on what is needed for my "little" Christmas dinner alone. (Gonna stay home again this year. I feel better in my comfort zone.) Then stop on the way home and mail all the packages I need to.

Hope your week is going good and continues to do so.


MaryFran said...

I'm glad the first results from your doctors visit have come back and with good news. I'll be praying for you as you wait for the results from the bloodwork!

I am very proud of you for managing your cake consumption!!! Wooo hooo!! I can't wait to hear how that goes and if you do stretch it into 4 days!!!

Cammy said...

I love company that doesn't have to be entertained!

Excellent control with the cake and the fried chicken! {{Pats on the back from me!}}

Please be careful driving in to the doctor. Make sure you're awake first!

Candace MacPherson said...

My don't you get a lot of company. We live life in the slow lane, ourselves. No comings and goings here. Nope. Just to and from work 5 days a week.

When the tests all come back good you can proceed to brag again and dismiss all of those little aches.

grammy said...

How fun to have fun company...and a cleanie at that. Glad you took it well. She probably makes a few enemies. If she stayed with me for about a month, maybe all would be in shape here (o: hope Dr. goes well and that you had fun shopping.

JC said...

You goofy girl there isn't anything wrong with you. Your neck pain is just looking at the computer screen tooo long. I have a neck pain right now as a matter of fact. Your just in your sixties, why your still a pup. You won't be an old dog till you hit 85. That is what I'm telling myself.

Glad you enjoyed your company and that you are making the cake last.
Do you have neighbors close enough to visit on Christmas. I must admit the idea of being alone would not bother me a bit.