Sunday, December 7, 2008

Frustrating Day...

Me and my big fat mouth fingers. I just had to go and say write that I hadn't seen a snow flake, didn't I? I saw my first one yesterday around 11:00 AM and it hasn't stopped since. We only have a couple of inches, thank goodness.

What an interesting day yesterday was. I told you that the satellite repairman called to get directions. He said at that time that he had a couple of other calls to make before he got to me but if he would be too late he'd call and let me know. I got a call all right, from his main office in Raleigh, NC, apologizing that he wouldn't make it because he had to go home sick. They told me to call the Dish people and reschedule. I hate calling them on the weekend because I don't get anyone that lives in the US. Their weekend tech support is based in India. And I have very difficult time understanding them. But I had to bite the bullet and do it anyway. After punching 1 or 2 or 3 at least 1,325 times, I started just punching zero until someone answered. As I was talking to the person and trying to explain that they had called and said the guy wouldn't be coming he pulled up in my driveway. I was wondering how someone in NC would know that someone in WV was sick and I got my answer. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.

He came in and went through all the checking procedures through the TV (which I had already gone through) and couldn't find anything wrong. I explained that an error message came up only periodically and that it said Error 004. He still had no idea what that was. So he went out and proceeded to climb on a ladder to check the satellite itself. He got a step ladder out of his truck and was getting ready to back his truck up to the edge of the house to put the step ladder on the tail gate of the truck. Thank goodness I was watching out the window. I ran out and told him where my extension ladder was. I've never had to call 911 for an ambulance and didn't want to do it then either. It's hard telling how long it would take them to get here and it is really cold out right now.

He checked everything on the satellite itself and found nothing wrong. I kept suggesting that he call tech support and he wouldn't do it. There is a way you can get into tech support on the TV so he did that. I don't think he wanted to talk to anyone from India either. Well, in the tech support system on the TV you are asked to type in the error number and it will tell you what the problem is. NOT. It kept coming up "invalid error number." So all in all there was nothing found to be wrong with the system and the trip was for naught. But he was a nice young man and has a brother that does construction work and he gave me his card so I may have someone that can do some work for me when the weather gets a little better.

I still don't have railings on my stairs and a little trim work needs to be completed before I can get carpeting and the brother does all that kind of stuff including flooring. So maybe it wasn't a complete wash.

I have a service contract with the Dish people and they told me when I called that I'd have to pay the repair man $29.95 for the service call. I argued about that a while and was told that the service call wasn't included in the contract, just their equipment. Well...the nice young fellow informed me that there would NEVER be a service fee and that the service call WAS included in my contract and if I ever had anyone out here that asked for money to refuse. At least I didn't have to pay for a service call that found nothing wrong. And so far I haven't gotten the error message again.

Easting wasn't so good yesterday and it wasn't so bad either. Got the munchies again last night and couldn't quell them with my usual tricks. Didn't exercise yesterday either. Got to thinking about it yesterday and decided to come up with a plan that would, maybe, keep me on a exercise regiment without making myself think I'm pushing myself so much that I might rebel and quit all together again. So...I decided to do the DVD Mon., Tues., Thurs., and Fri. This way I'm giving myself the weekend off and a day off in the middle of the week. I know it should be more than 4 days a week but at least it isn't zero days a week. And maybe if I can turn that into a habit I can add more days or different things later on.

I've crocheted myself a scarf and mittens to match. The gloves I had already, didn't go with my coat at all and for the life of me I can't figure out why that matters here in the mountains but I just wanted a set that would look nice in case I ever go anywhere that someone may see me. I started making myself a sweater last spring and am about halfway through the front. I put it aside to start on Christmas gifts so I got that out yesterday and will work on it some here and there. I shouldn't have started it because I hate working on large projects. I like instant gratification and that isn't going to be the case with a sweater. And it will probably be too big when I finish it since I started it 20 pounds ago. But at least I'm making it out of cotton so maybe I can shrink it. Haven't looked closely at the label yet and I'm hoping the yarn isn't the preshrunk kind. I may just have to wear it big and not worry about it.

So how was your Saturday?


Donna B said...

Snowed here (PA) last night as well, but stopped with just a coating. It looks so pretty outside, even though it is extremely cold today. Sounds like a good plan with your exercising - anything is better than nothing. Who knows, you might enjoy it and feel like doing it one of the other days later on. I know I was that way with biking when the weather was nice.

Cammy said...

I love it when something not so good (repairman can't find a problem) turns to something good (possible contractor to do some chores.) Serendipity, at it's finest.

Fwiw, I think 4 days a week is a good exercise plan, especially if you don't really enjoy exercising that much. This way you can always say you exercised more days than you didn't. :)