Sunday, December 28, 2008

Day 2 (545)...

So far so good. I made it yesterday! Yay! I had my doubts, that's for sure. I even exercised for a little while. I did have a problem last night at around 8:30, I was starving and had no more calories left. So I got myself some celery and munched on it for a while with a big glass of water. I figured celery would be a good choice since it takes more calories to chew it than it contains.

MyFoodDiary is a really cool site. It doesn't leave any room for guess work. It totals your calories as you enter them and tells you how many you have left in order to lose what ever goal you set for yourself plus it gives the amount of calories left to lose 1 pound a week. So you have options. And when you enter your exercise it adds some calories to your total left. That's why I exercised, to see what it would do. I really could have fudged it and just entered the exercise and not do it but that would be cheating, wouldn't it? At the end of the day you are asked to close out the day when you are finished. It then tells you how you did and gives you a date that you will be at your goal weight if you keep on doing what you did on that day. Hmmm, wonder if it changes as the days go by and you do better or worse. We shall see.

Guess you can tell I'm enamored with this web site and my new toy.

BTW the title means that this is day two of my new start and day 545 of when I began this. Sure wish I had stuck with it better and I may have been to goal by now. Oh, well, that's water under the bridge, or in my case I think it flowed over the bridge there for a while.

Those weren't my doggies in yesterdays post. I have one that looks sad all the time and one that just looks bored. They never pant so I can't capture them looking happy.

Pictures of the socks I made are coming. As soon as Cara takes a picture of her families feet for me to post. So please be patient.

Hope your Sunday is going as planned and is a blessed one.


Katschi said...

Hi Debbie!
I've happily added your name to the 6 week Challengers list.
I hope you do well!

Donna B said...

It is neat to hear you so excited about your new food diary! That is super. I have used Spark People for a year now and have had success with it. It sure shows you which foods provide the least amount of calories for volume and after you do it for a while is becomes more familar. I think I have only missed one day all year! Keep up the good work!

MaryFran said...

I'm so happy to see you on track and raring to go! Great choice on the celery!!!!