Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Boy, I must really be addicted to coffee though I only have one cup a day. I'm setting here sipping water. Can't have anything else until my blood work at 11:00. But I'm going to fool them, I'm taking a half a peanut butter sandwich with me and a bottle of Kool Aid and scarf it down after the blood is drawn. Actually I'm doing that because I have a lot of errands to run and don't want to faint from lack of nourishment on the way.

Thank goodness a lot of you had new posts for me to read which helped pass the time and keep me from thinking of coffee and food.

Not much else to add today. Maybe my adventures out into the big bad world will spark something for later or tomorrow.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.


justjuliebean said...

Giving up coffee is actually on my list of things that I want to do, though I don't seem to be in a huge rush to do that. Even that one cup a day. I drank that at work once where it was switched, and I must have had decaf, and felt like I was dying, the hugest headache of my entire life. I will take that slow.

BTW, you and I have the same goal weights. At 150, my bmi will be normal, not overweight. Since I have big boobs and a bunch of muscles, that works out to a size 6 (I've been there before). The highest I've weighed is 215, though this time I started at 185. I think right now I will go have some coffee (hopefully there's some in the house, been out of town), then I'll weigh myself.

--cara said...

Speaking of coffee... I just learned the reason why coffee is bad for you. I've always known it's a diuretic and that diuretics make you pee which can dehydrate you, but not only is a diuretic passing through your system in an all-fired up hurry to get out as quick as humanly possibly, but also what the bugger does on it's way out is latch onto every ounce of water in your body that it can grab a hold of. So basically, not only is it flushing through your system at light speed, but it's draining your body of needed water along the way. And we all know how lack of water will kill all efforts of weight loss. So poo on coffee and tea (yes, even green tea)! And decaf has the same effect :(

I miss my coffee (sniff, sniff)