Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just Some Ramblings...

Sure is cold here but I know it is most everywhere right now, so I won't whine too much. I did stop in at the dollar store yesterday for some household cleaning supplies that were dwindling and happened to see sweat pants on sale. I decided with this cold snap that I needed some so I got two pair. Boy am I glad that I did. They feel nice and comfy right now and much better than the thinner pants I've been wearing around the house lately. And they're mediums!

We have no snow so we won't have a white Christmas. For those of you out there that do, enjoy it for me.

Cara has a really good blog about eating comfort foods. It has put everything into perceptive for me. Go check it out.

My eating lately has been great. I'm still not counting and measuring, as I'm still on vacation from obsessing. Hopped on the scales yesterday morning and was down a half pound. But since I'm not on this cycle of trying to lose weight, I'm not changing my side bar right now. Think I'll wait for a couple more weeks and see if it stays that way or just maintains like it has been.

Two more days! Are you ready? I am. Have my dinner all planned out for the doggies and me. They are really excited about it too, I can tell. Didn't get them any presents though. I think they'll enjoy the turkey breast enough without presents. After all food is more important to them than another squeak toy.

Have a great day.


MizFit said...

how much do I love youve planned the dinner for the dogs and you?
around here it should be the jewish tradition of a movie and chinese food :) but all the restaurants decided to (GASP!) close..

Pattie said...

Hi Deborah -

Just stopping by to wish you a very Merry Christmas! May all your dreams come true in the New Year.


Anonymous said...

It feels nice to have a good meal planned, doesn't it? I'll be doing dim sum on Christmas (yum!), and hoping for no rain. The gym is closed for two days, and those are supposed to be wild and windy weather. I'll walk through it anyway, but it'll have to be a city walk, not a woods walk. The dog will give me the stinkeye, but she'll go along.

MaryFran said...

Merry Christmas!!! I'm with you...wishing we had snow...but oh well!

Donna said...

This year will be the first white Christmas I've ever had!! Actually we might have had one when I was really little, but that doesn't count.

Thanks for sharing your snow over in my neck of the woods this year. ;)

Have a Merry Christmas!

grammy said...

Have a great dinner you and the doggies. I always enjoy it when you stop by to say hi. Tomorrow I gues I have to cook the stuff to take for dinner on Christmas day. Well some of it will be chopping and getting stuff ready for the morning. I really want you to have a great Holiday. Did you check out the other site I have to look at more pics?

SeaShore said...

My dogs and cats are getting the same presents as your critters: turkey. It's everyone's favourite :)

We have snow on the ground but it's supposed to rain for 12 hours so it will be gone by tomorrow!

Congrats on the mediums and doing so well with your eating.

Merry Christmas!