Friday, December 26, 2008

The Cookie Monster Came to Visit...

Baking cookies last night was a stupid thing to do. I really wanted it to feel more like Christmas with home baked goodies. BIG MISTAKE!! I had it all planned out. I'd eat 2 or 3 as a real treat and then one a day until they were gone. Wrong. I ate 6 before I had to slap my hands to keep them from getting into them and eating them all. I usually don't have a sweat tooth. So I was sure I could handle it. I guess I've found my weakness, home baked cookies. Cakes don't bother me that much and pies don't bother me that much, nor does candy, but home baked cookies, wow. Today has been a little better, I've only had 4, and I just can't make myself throw them away. I just can't! So my plan for tomorrow is, one for breakfast (they are oatmeal cookies after all) and one after supper.

Trivia time: Do you know why you get sleepy after a big turkey dinner? (If so, you can skip this paragraph.) Turkey contains tryptophan. It's an essential amino acid the body can not manufacture. It only comes from food. Tryptophan helps the body produce vitamin B (niacin) which in turn helps the body produce serotonin (a calming agent in the brain). Wonder if they put tryptophan in sleeping agents? If they don't, they should because anyone that has had turkey knows it really calms us down.

Have a good weekend.


grammy said...

I brought home some leftover dessert and have had more than I should. I know what you mean...I can never bring myself to throw sweets away. Try freezing them. It is less appealing to take out a frozen cookie. It also helps me to put something way up high or in a spot that I have to go out of the way to get to. Sounds pathetic, but it helps. The wee ones have run me and Papa and themselves ragged and are in bed...I hope asleep.

MizFit said...

you may not want my comment as I read this and thought:

six? four? that is NOT TOO BAD for the holidays!!


they gone now?

MaryFran said...

I see the grammy has already beat me to the punch. I was going to say..

Run with all great haste and pop those suckers in the freezer. Pull one one out and microwave it. This is especially yummy if you like ooey gooey warm cookies!

Donna B said...

Understand EXACTLY where you are coming from. After much thought the past month I decided NOT to bak any cookies and allow my mom and sister to provide dessert for dinner on Christmas. I made them take home what didn't get eaten, and it worked out fine. Even though I can't handle sugar stomach wise since I have been eating better, I still can't get over the "memory" of that taste and eat it "just because". At least you are rationing them out. Leep up the good work!

Shelley said...

Ah, you're human...and you've made me feel not so bad about my fudge fiasco (I was only making it to give away to coworkers...but WHY then did I make twice as much as I needed?).

Love your blog!