Monday, December 8, 2008

Good Carbs and Bad Carbs...

I'm having a lot of trouble feeling full and staying that way without snacking unless I have some carbs in my diet. So I went online and checked out good carbs vs bad carbs. Seems the the bad carbs are the ones that keep me feeling full longer. Now, I could make my own pasta out of whole wheat flour but I haven't been able to find a recipe that doesn't call for a lot of processed white flour. Do you have one? What I didn't find out in my research is whether potatoes are good carbs or bad carbs. Do you know? In my remote area I can't find store bought whole wheat pasta (my Wal-Mart doesn't even have any, or the spinach kind either). The past couple of weeks I've been eating a lot of beans and that is good but even beans don't stick with me that long without a corn muffin, so I'm thinking that I'm hooked on bad carbs.

Haven't done my exercise today yet but will before the day is out. I tend to want to do it in the afternoons. Gotta save my mornings for blogging, answering emails and surfing the net. Besides, I'm just not a morning person and it takes me a long time to really wake up fully.

Have a good week. Only 20 days left 'til Christmas.


Sparky said...

RE: Carbs

When people cut out carbs what they are really doing is cutting out calories. It is harder to get the calories out of protein and we all know that veggies have very little calories. Therefore when people avoid carbs they lose weight.

However, I sometimes wonder if people realize that the cells in their bodies have tiny little engines in them called mitochondria and that those mitochondria that make our cells work, are fueled by none other than carbs (not protein)!!!

Sorry for the rant. I wish people realized that their bodies do need carbs. Not specifically you, just people in general.

Anyways, back to you! :)

Something that I have discovered is that when I eat something that is quote "bad", I tend to stay full longer and hunger stays away longer. What have I learned from that? Well, I have learned maybe it is a good idea to eat something like that. If I can eat a 300 calories item and not feel hungry for 3 hours then maybe that is a good thing. Rather than eating quote "good" things only to be hungry in an hour. However lets face it, some things are just plain bad, like deep fried things and really fatty cuts of meat. But other things that might have a bit of butter(a bit), or cream, or cheese or those dreaded carbs might actually be a good idea if portion control is adhered to. Eating some of the bad stuff also helps with cravings. Exception: sugar.

RE: Potatoes I was just talking about potatoes the other day to a friend. I think potatoes get a bad rap. They actually have vitamins and fibre in them. But again, all in moderation and with very little added fat. Steamed/boiled/baked potatoes have to be better for you than pasta and bread I would think.

Maybe when people are talking about good carbs and bad carbs they are talking about how easily the body processes them. The body is really good at converting sugar and simple starches into fat. People seem to be be fans of whole grains like Barley, and Quinoa. Those are harder to process and leave some people feeling fuller longer. Potatoes on the other hand are pretty easy to digest as is pasta and it is easy to eat a lot of them especially if they are mashed up with garlic and butter :) thus putting them on the bad list.

Personally I can't stand whole grain pasta. However, since it does not taste as good it would be easier to stay within the proper portion :) Oh, and I bet the store bought whole wheat pasta is has a high level of white flower in it too (same as your recipe). Marketing depts. just like to help us trick ourselves into thinking foods are healthy by calling them whole weat, low fat etc.

OK. Steping down off my soap box now :)

Hope I didn't cause any offense!

Sparky said...

PS. Do I win an award for the longest comment ever?

Cammy said...

Sparky had some excellent points, especially re: the much-maligned potato. I don't think a steady diet of them is good, but in moderation they're a good thing.

Deborah, have you ever considered ordering hard-to-find groceries from Amazon? At least for the things you know you like, since the quanities tend to be larger. And to try something new, you could always ask someone who lives in a larger community (say...Memphis, for example!) to pick up some item that's not available where you live. Say the word, and whole wheat pasta is on its way!

justjuliebean said...

I think that for potatoes, it really matters how you cook then, what you put on them, and if you peel them or not. I find them heavy and filling, but I don't eat them except in soup, except for sweet potatoes. I eat whole wheat pasta, brown rice, multigrain uber-crunch bread, and I agree, it doesn't taste so wonderful, which helps with portion control. I think that with all foods, moderation is key. Potato chips have no nutritional value and since I can eat a huge amount of them, I try to avoid them.

I don't know where you live, but find it hard to believe that there's nowhere to shop but at Walmart, which I avoid like the plague.

I don't think carbs are that evil, and half my food, volume wise, is fruit, and I'm losing weight fairly quickly. Probably more portion control and exercise than avoiding certain foods.

Donna B said...

My belief is that you will never keep the weight off if you don't learn to eat a balanced diet, and that includes carbs. My main thoughts that have helped me this past year are to eliminate white flour products (eat whole grain rice and breads) and sugar. These are mostly empty calories and have little nutritious value. Potatoes are OK if limited, and if you like sweet potatoes, they are supposedly better for you than white potatoes. Even if I eat whole wheat rice, pasta and breads, I still only have them each once a week, and bulk up on veggies. Good luck!