Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Been watching the weather reports closely and I think it's about time to run some back up water for tomorrow. They are predicting a wintry mix in my area. So just in case there's ice I want to be prepared. Prepared for the electricity to go out. I've got plenty of candles, extra batteries and some oil lamps. I even got book lights, one for upstairs and one for down so it will be easier to read. Now if I could just figure out a way to make a battery operated crochet light. Hmm, maybe I aught to try my hand at being an inventor. Oh, and I even have some of those little Sterno cooking thingies. It really doesn't cook anything but warms it up. So I've got soup in the freezer for emergencies. I may even make another batch today, just in case. Who knows, maybe if I get really prepared it won't happen.

The last time the electricity was off for a extended period of time (three days) I packed a bag and called a local motel to see if they had power (not in that order). They did and accepted dogs. As I was getting ready to walk out the door the power came on. The power going off is the only thing I dread about living where I do. Everything else I love.

Maybe I should look into getting a generator. Wonder how long it will run on one tank of gas? Guess I could do some research. Course then I'd have to have an electrician come out and hook it up to my fridge, well, TV, some lights, hot water tank and the microwave. Hey, that would take a large generator!

We sure do depend on electricity a lot in this day and time. And fortunately I'm not old enough to remember any times without electricity.

My eating was horrible yesterday. I got into things I shouldn't have. Just had to have some broccoli with cheese sauce. And I didn't use the kind of cheese that's good for me either, nooooo, I had some Velveeta and used it. There was some left over and I threw it away this morning. All the Velveeta is gone now, thank goodness.

As soon as I'm through catching up on what's going on in your lives I'm putting on an exercise DVD and do some sweatin' before my shower. So there.

Have a great Wednesday.


Donna said...

Mmmm, I love cheese. Good for you, for throwing it away. I love that feeling of exerting will power by throwing it away.

They have battery powered lanterns now. We bought one from Costco for our camping trips this past summer. That might help with your crochet lights. ;)

grammy said...

Sounds exciting getting ready for a storm....but I know it is a pain. How about a head lamp for knitting (or whatever) They are like a head band with a kight on it would work. I will have to ask my hubby, 'The generator Man' how hard it would be to hook up. Good luck.

SeaBreeze said...

My mom swore by a generator when living on her mountain. It provided her with piece of mind and a heat source. It's worth the research.

Cammy said...

Mmmm, Velveeta. {pause in remembrance}

I'm glad you're prepared for the worst, but I hope it's a false alarm. Definitely worth checking into a generator.

SeaShore said...

Like Grammy, I was going to suggest a headlamp. We have these,40731 for camping.

Good luck weathering the storm.