Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Coffee Update...

I made it through the exam but it hurt like it has never hurt before. I was in real tears by the time she finished. Seems I have a bacterial imbalance in the cavern due to old age and no estrogen in the system at this time in my life. I've got three meds to take to solve the problem and then I wait to see what the results of the tests bring. I hate waiting.

And speaking of waiting...while I was waiting for my scripts there was a box of yummy looking Hersey's brownies staring at me. Lawsy mercy was that a tough one but I didn't cave. I walked away with only the scripts, and a free calendar.

And there was a med student there and I gave permission for him to be in during my exam. Had a pair of my homemade socks on and he has commissioned me to make a pair for his Mom and girl friend for Christmas. I have to go back for a check up next week and will have them ready for him then. He wanted to know how much I'd charge and I had no idea so I just said to reimburse me for the materials and we'd call it even. I so enjoy making them. He balked on that and said he wouldn't take them that way so I told him to just give me what he thought they would be worth.

So after that I headed to town and ended up going to 9 different places to get all the stuff done that I needed to do. And I won't have to go off the mountain again until next week when I take my doggies to the groomers and back to the doctor. Now I'm too exhausted to exercise and think I'll take a nap instead. I can always exercise tomorrow or later today.

That half peanut butter sandwich was a life saver. Is peanut butter a wonder food or what?


--cara said...

9 PLACES???? Man, you so deserve a nap!

Donna B said...

Sorry you were in so much pain. Glad you rested when you got back home. Hope you feel better now. Sounds like you had a productive day running errands. Good idea to take the sandwich with you! Keep up the good work.

Cammy said...

You earned a good rest!

Good idea to take the sandwich. Without it, I suspect that brownie would've been a goner.

I had a PB&banana sandwich for dinner in a show of solidarity. :)