Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Good Doctor's Visit...

Back from the doctor and shopping jaunt. And I'm "plum tuckered out."

Test results were great. Cholesterol was 192!! Sugar was a little high but not in the danger range, just have to keep an eye on it is all. That had me bumfuzzled since I have cut out all sugar and have very little carbs. She said that if I hadn't lost the weight I'd probably be on insulin since it runs in my family. So we will keep an eye on it for the time being. And isn't it amazing I have no aches and pains now :o)

Of all the things to forget before my trip was my list for WalMart. Good grief. I'm afraid to look at it now to see what I forgot because I don't want to have to kick myself in the butt this afternoon.

Stopped at the Post Office on the way home and got all my packages mailed out. Now I can just relax. It's ALL finished, WooHoo!

I was really thrilled with something that happened at the doctors. Don't know if you remember but the "really cute" med student asked me to make a pair of socks for his Mom and girlfriend. I took them to him and again he asked me what I wanted for making them. I told hem they cost $21 for the materials for both pairs and he gave me $50. I felt that was too much but he said it was perfect as far as he was concerned. He said he was definitely not losing my phone number or email address because he'd probably want some more. I splurged at WalMart and bought myself another Jimmy Buffet CD.

I even treated myself to breakfast at Hardy's I had a steak biscuit minus 3/4 of the biscuit. I feel really great right now and am going to go curl up on the couch with my book and enjoy my afternoon.

Happy Hump Day Y'all!


grammy said...

I added my little self to your followers (O: Glad you had all that good news. I want to see the socks you were pretty fast. My new favorite Author id Elizabeth Berg. Have you read edgar Sawtelle (sp?) I think I might like that.

MizFit said...

what a great day for you (witnh ya on the perplexednessment of the sugar but as the doctor said GREAT you made the changes when you did).

hope you had a wonderful relaxed afternoon as well.

Donna B said...

So glad to hear your day was a success from the dr visit to the shopping. Good job on staying off the insulin. Keep up the good work!

SeaShore said...

Glad you had such a good day, even if you forgot your list!

The news about your cholesterol is especially wonderful.

MaryFran said...

YIPPEEE on the goood test results!!!! All that worry for nothing! :-)

Enjoy your new CD!

JC said...

Now would be a good time for me to say, "I told you so". Didn't I tell you there wasn't anything wrong with you. When will you listen. Just kidding. So happy the test came back well. I was told exercise will help keep your sugar levels low but I don't know if that is true.

Have fun rocking and swaying with Jimmy.

Candace MacPherson said...

So glad all your aches and pains are gone. I knew they would be once you got those good test results:)

Donna said...

Hey you got your cholesterol tested too! Good job keeping it down. You rock! =)