Thursday, October 30, 2008



Still trying to quell the evening hunger. I tried more protein one day and that didn't help. The next day I tried red meat (since that is what I mostly ate in my fatty days) and that didn't help. Today I tried changing things around a little. I had my light lunch for breakfast and my heavier breakfast for lunch. This way I wasn't hungry until later so I just had dinner about a half hour ago. I hope this helps. I have found out over the past couple of weeks that having almonds in the evenings does not affect my sleep so I am enjoying them every evening.

Weather is warming up a little here. Don't have to light the logs in the day time right now.

Remember the picture I posted of one of my doggies with a red face from spaghetti? Well, he came home today with a red face again and it wasn't spaghetti. It was blood. I panicked at first until I realized that it wasn't him that was bleeding. He evidently found a carcase somewhere and really enjoyed himself. He even had blood on the top of his head. That is one of the reasons I wish the hunters would stay off this mountain or at the very least clean up after themselves instead of leaving the unwanted parts laying around. I had a really hard time cleaning him off. Sure didn't want to smell that after it warmed up on him.

Later blog-buds.


Cammy said...

How much do I love that you're constantly (and consistently) fine-tuning, working to fix what's not working so well? D is for Deborah and for Dedicated. :)

(I'm doing the air-popped popcorn at night, and it helps a lot. The fact that it's 100 calories doesn't hurt.)

angienicholas said...

ew about the dog hope you got him cleaned up good. if you find a way that works to help kill the hunger in the evening let me know I have the same problem to. good luck with things Angie

Donna B said...

Since the weather has been cooler, I have been having a bowl of oatmeal in the evenings as a snack. I try to eat it at least 3 hours before bedtime and it seems to help with the late night hunger and surely warms me up!
Keep up the good work fine tuning.

MaryFran said...

Good luck with the evening eating! I know my evening eating is pure habit. I start immediately following dinner with the desire to eat more!

Ok heart about stopped there for a minute when I read that the dog was covered in blood. Thankfully you didn't leave me hang for more than a second before you clarified that it was not it's own blood!!!

Sparky said...

Blood? Yucky yucky!

Good job trying to find what works for you!

JC said...

UGH on the dog. That must have been groce to clean off.

Glad you experimenting to see what works. Great idea. Did it switching your meals around?

grammy said...

Crazy dog. Well, hope you got him all cleaned up. Do you have any trick or treaters? lol Just kiddin you.