Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cravings and Granddaughter...

To comment on a few comments on yesterday's post.

You know Tony hit the nail on the head when he said, "Aren't your friends supposed to be your support network?" Well people, that's why I have you. I only have one friend that supports me. And I've got my girls and their families of course.

And I agree with Candace that if looking like me is supposed to be "before" then I'll take healthy me any ole' day.

And Grammy, yea, there sure a lot more wrinkles aren't there? That stuff happens to us older weight loss people and the worst part is the skin doesn't go back to the way it was. It just loses all it's elasticity when it gets older.

Hmmm, never thought of posting a picture with my shotgun. When I get one I'll have to have to do that. I've got a picture of my granddaughter in her full army gear holding her "big" gun and she looks so weird. Well, here are her before and during army pictures. You be the judge.

She served a tour in Iraq and thankfully made it home safely last fall. She is a tiny thing and even lost weight while in Iraq. She said they didn't have uniforms small enough for her and she just had to keep hitching up her britches.

We had frost here this morning. How about you? Fall has fell, for sure here in the mountains. I was wrong about the leaves. They still aren't at peak so the pictures will have to wait. Maybe just another week. So please be patient. There's a road up here called the "Scenic Highway." It's about 15-20 miles of nothing except scenery. No houses or businesses or anything except God's handy work. It traverses a mountain top between here and Snowshoe. The speed limit is 45 MPH the whole way and is all state forest. Most of the year there is NO traffic on this road but in the fall you can't go one mile without passing several vehicles. They don't even use any snow removal equipment on it in the winter and close the thing down. They keep it closed all winter for winter sports people. People can cross country ski there or take their snow mobiles on it and have some fun. That's where the prettiest fall pictures can be taken and is where I will go.

My eating hasn't been too good the past couple of days. It seems like my body is craving certain things. One day I couldn't get enough fruit and just kept eating and eating it. So much so that I had to resort to canned fruit because I ran out of the fresh stuff. Then yesterday it was beef. Probably because I hadn't had any for at least 3 weeks. When I get these type of cravings it's not at all like the cravings for the chips and candy. Those I can sometimes talk myself out of, but the cravings that I've had the past few days almost hurt. Does that happen to you? Or am I just an odd old lady?

Enjoy your weekend.


MaryFran said...

I really do think that if it is a 'true' craving and not just a mental 'I want' craving, that it is our bodies saying that we need SOMETHING, some nutrient or whatever in the food that we are craving. Makes sense to me!

Can't wait for the fall colors pictures. My husband and I are hoping to get to the skyline drive this fall season! Not sure with our vacation causing us to be away a bit during the possible peak time!

JC said...

Maybe you body is missing some nutrients by giving you cravings. The fact that they aren't for sweets has to mean something.

Your grandaughter is so so cute. I'm so glad she came back.

Oh and old skin, honey I feel the pain. I'm right there with ya.

Now for yesterday's post. How about a pistol instead of a shotgun!! Lordly, I would blow a hole in my house with a shotgun! Honestly, I laughed until I cried about your friend. I have friends that are fine with me as long as I don't lose enough weight to show. Well, those friends are no friends. Have a great rest of the weekend.

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grammy said...

Ellen had a DR. on this week that talked about cravings. I want to get his book. Certian foods are like drugs and actually cause the body to chemically crave...whatever. Look on Ellens site for his name and book. Could be helpful. I say at least it was meat and not Halloween candy. Don't but any, thats my advice about the temptimg little bite size candies. Oh, when I was anemic I was eating ice like crazy...all the time...had to have it...found out that was a sign and when I took iron and got better never really wanted to chew ice again. She was cute with the huge gun by the way.