Saturday, October 25, 2008

Think I'll Turn Into a Hermit...

JC, I can tell it is a cup size because now I'm fitting into a smaller cup size than last month.

Grammy, this is gun country. Lots of hunting and I was probably the only person in the whole county that didn't own a gun. I've been around them most of my life and love target practicing. Hopefully I will never have to use them for anything else. I don't hunt. I just can't stand the thought of killing any furry creature. There have been a lot of break ins in my area and I felt that I needed to have something to defer the problem if it arises. The man that sold me the shotgun said that if I chamber a shell after I hear someone entering my home that it would be enough to scare the person off. It's definitely a distinctive sound and one to be afraid of. Especially if it is a woman wielding the gun.

ARGH, I have company coming again tomorrow. Geesh, I need a vacation. I refuse to do anything special for them. They are the friends from VA and they don't expect anything special, thank goodness. I will have a clean bed for them and clean dishes and that's it.

I think after they leave I won't be answering the phone or door for anyone for at least 2 weeks. So for what ever reason YOU can not come for a visit. Besides I have oodles of crocheting to do before Christmas and at this rate I won't be finished.

Oh, I had sauerkraut and fat free beef wieners for supper and it was yummy. I've never cared for wieners in my kraut. I like kielbasa or Italian sausage, but this was really good and a whole lot healthier.

Later alligator..


grammy said...

You are so funny! Company funny. The kind of quest that don't expect anything are the best. I am sure they appreciate a place to stay. We have had friends that just let us stay at there place and really didn't expect anything from us. All three of our kids went to a collage out of state. When we were there we got to stay at a friends house. Over the years it saved us lots of money. I hope we were ok guest (O: Have a good Sunday. I can't believe how fast the weekend is going.

JC said...

Thanks for clear up the cup question and why you got a guns. Maybe I should get one. My husband was going to teach me to shoot. We went to my uncle's pasture. After I pick all the cans off the fence post, he mumbled something about hoping he never made me mad then sold all his guns the next weekend. LOL!! I never told him that my uncle taught me to shoot when I was a girl. HA!

I always love to visit friends and family that DO NOT do anything special for me. I want to hang out with them not cause them stree. Enjoy your company while you can without fretting cause winter is coming. As I sit here wrapped up in a blanket.

Cammy said...

Well, shoot. There go my fall travel plans. :)

Hope you enjoy the peace and quiet...

MaryFran said...

You are the most 'comany-ist' woman! Man! :-)

I love sauerkraut! What bang for the I mean points!