Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Pictorial Saturday...

Got on the road around 9:30 this morning and it was a beautiful morning for sure. I didn't take any interstates just two lane mountain roads.

Chester Farms in Churchville, VA is around 90 miles from here and was a glorious 2 hour drive.
They had rides for the kiddies.
Hay rides and pumpkin picking. (Sorry no pictures of those.) But a great visit with my friends.
Sheep were abundant.
They had booths set up selling all sorts of kool autumn stuff and I even got to spin some wool into yarn myself.
Then we took a tour of the spinning room in the basement of the barn where they made this beautiful sock yarn. Yep, this is what I bought. Even got myself a pair of sheerling slippers.

The wool is sooooo soft.

Then I started home. The dive home was just as spectacular.

So glad to be back on home soil. This is the road to my cabin.
Here is the "color" on my mountain...
And in my yard.

I was pretty good food wise all day. They didn't have anything that was within my diet so I just had one hamburger with water and one small soft serve ice cream and came home to my usual grilled chicken and veggies for supper.

I'm really tired but I so enjoyed myself. This was another step toward my adventures alone. This is the first trip I've taken that was out of my comfort zone and I succeeded!

As to answering some concerns from the comments on my last blog. Don't fret out there blog-buds, I ain't quittin'. I've come this far and I sure as heck ain't gonna throw all that away. After all this is a life change not a diet. I just needed to whine a little and I didn't even have any cheese with it.

Hope your weekend is a grand one.


Kate said...

how cool. I love the fall colors. Since it isn't raining (as we thought it would be) I may go down to the Bosque and photograph the trees there. Here in the mountains, the change of season means we go from greenish grey to yellowish grey. The desert mountains aren't terribly colorful...

but down in the bosque, the cottonwoods have changed colors, and everything is golden.

MizFit said...

ok GOOD on the not quitting.

never thought you would, but always good to be doubledogsure :)

sign me,

an ex-east coaster in TX who is missing her fall temps & colors.

JC said...

What a beautiful day you had in so many ways. The colors of the yarns are do pretty. Your mountains look a lot like the mountains in east Alabama. HA!! That is one narrow road going to your place. I'm proud of you for venturing out.

MaryFran said...

I'm so very proud of you for stepping outside of your comfort zone and going on your outing by yourself. Stepping out of our comfort zones is what is going to make us stronger!