Monday, October 6, 2008


The friend that told me to quit losing weight, pulled one on me Saturday night. I had her and her husband up for supper. She was late as usual. Her husband and I had talked a couple of times that day and she was at an auction (which ended at 4:00). At 5:00 we were both getting hungry so he came on up and we went ahead and ate. She came in with two packages of homemade friendship cake. She proceeded to push one in his face and the other in mine. Her hubby had just had surgery Friday and wasn't feeling very well and not able to eat well yet so he told her he didn't want it right then and would have it later. (But he ate the Watergate Salad I had for dessert though.) I on the other hand told her that I couldn't have it. Boy is she pushy. She kept telling me, "Yes, you can have it, it won't hurt you." She kept pushing it in my face for at least 20 minutes. I held out though.

Then the bwitch left the stuff on my table. I know, I know, I should have just thrown it away, but it finally got the best of me last evening. Dang was it ever good.

I did do well on the fried potatoes. I fried them in 2 tablespoons of olive oil and had a huge skillet full. I told them to go ahead and eat them all because they'd be thrown out if not. I only had one spoon full of them myself. They didn't eat them all and I threw them out instead of standing at the stove (like I used to do) and eat the left overs. I was rather proud of myself ::until last night::

I've learned my lesson. They will just have to eat her cooking from now on. They aren't going to be invited for supper for a looooonnnnnnggggggg time. With friends like that I don't need any enemies. Sure glad I've got you guys/gals out there to help me.

It has been just beautiful here the past couple of days. Clear skies and 70 degrees. Sure wish it was that temperature year 'round.

Is it just me or is there more mud slinging in this campaign than usual? (I think we say that every year, don't we?) I'm getting so sick of listening to it. I just wish they'd have positive messages about themselves and tell us what they stand for not the negatives of their opponents. These negative ads sure aren't going to swing me one way or the other.

Later y'all...


MaryFran said...

Yeah for you for conquering the fried potatoes! That is a victory. I have found myself not only standing at the stove eating the leftovers...but I've actually carried the leftovers to the garbage can and have stood over the garbage can shovelling them in, even as I try to talk myself into throwign the rest out!

Anyway, do not minimize your victory with the potatoes simply because you lost a little battle with the cake that your friend pushed at you!

Fatinah said...

I hate when people try to force you to eat something.....makes me want to kick them in the shins!!

I agree with maryfran - be proud of the potato victory - regardless of the cake....

Donna B said...

That woman is some kind of friend! I have to say I have a sister in law that is overweight and will one minute say how good I look and the next minute upset me by being nasty as what my food choices are when we go out to eat. If I want a salad over a hamburger that is MY CHOICE! I try not to let it bother me, but it is hard. You did fine....keep up the good work!

Sparky said...

Food pushers suck! I don't get people who can't be happy for you and just do their own thing. Sometimes I think people think it is a personal attack on them if you don't want to eat what they eat. Weirdos!

grammy said...

Sorry you are having such problems....we do need them I think...we just have to sift out some stuff (o:

JC said...

OH my friend, this post brought back some powerful memories. That woman is not your friend!!!!

I'm proud of you for resisting the potatoes. Now the cake, she would have taken it home with her or she would have seen me feed it to the outside critters as she left!!! Think of it as a powerful, toxic drug because for me that is would it is. A little sugar, oil & flours leads me to wanting/needing/gotta have more.

Oh well, it is behind you now (get the pun - I'm cracking myself up)so move on.

Believe me I'm much better at giving advice than following it.

Cammy said...

(So sorry for my absence. I've been keeping up.)

Good for you on the potatoes! I'm impressed. I love skillet-fried potatoes and will happily eat them cold. (My stomach just did a lurch thinking about that.)

I think you're Very Wise to avoid inviting this friend for dinner again.

Pattie said...

With friends like that, who needs enemies?? And BTW: what's friendship cake? LOL!

Don’t stress about having eaten it: pat yourself on the back for throwing out all those extra potatoes! You did GOOD!