Saturday, November 1, 2008

I Did It..

I didn't snack even once last night! And would have made it the night before if someone (who shall remain nameless, Cammy) hadn't mentioned in one of my comments that she was enjoying pop corn every evening as a snack. Since I didn't blog until late Thursday it planted a seed and I couldn't get it out until I scratched that itch. But one bag of light, 100 calorie pop corn isn't that bad as a snack. I had even decided yesterday that if I got hungry last night that I could have some pop corn again. And when I went to bed, still not hungry after dinner, I realized that I hadn't had the it and didn't want it. Soooo, here's how I did it. I ate a light breakfast, a large lunch, and a light supper. Having the large lunch kept me full longer and I was able to eat supper later. That kept me full until bedtime, 4 hours later. Yesterday was a little easier, I'll have to admit because I had a bunch of carbs with my lunch. But, all in all, I stayed within my allotment of calories for the day. Now if I can just keep that pesky ole mind at bay about snacking in the evenings, I'll do a lot better. I think the carbs helped yesterday.

Nothing else to report. You all wanted to know how my experiment worked out and there it is in black blue and white.

Have a great weekend.


Donna B said...

Great Job!
I noticed having my "Craisin Salad" every day now for lunch it fills me up a lot more than what I use to eat, and I get almost all my veggies in for the day. I have cut down my dinner portions of protein a little and eat more veggies. Sometime I think the "snack" in the evening is more of a habit for me that hunger, but the hubby and I save calories so we can have a small one (100 cal) in the evenings. Keep up the good work!

Fatinah said...

good on you for not snacking - no easy feat for sure!

grammy said...

Keep working to find the right mix...sounds like you may have. I love it that you enjoy the pics and stories of my grandkids.

Cammy said...

Oops, sorry about the popcorn. ::is not::

If it makes you feel any better, I've had nighttime munchy-itis allll weekend long. Maybe yours hopped over the mountains and across the valleys to me :)