Thursday, October 23, 2008


Okay, so I forgot. It's no big thing anyway. As you may or may not remember, Wednesday is my official weight in day. And yesterday I lost 2 pounds. Now don't go jumping for joy because there is no joy in it since I had gained those 2 pounds the week before. So I'm just back to where I was 2 weeks ago. Geesh, I wish I'd quit doing that. I know it's my fault for not being diligent, so I gotta quit that. And then there was yesterday's eating. I won't even go there. It would make you sick. But my NSV for the week is: Are you ready for this? And this I am excited about. Here goes without further hesitation...In the last month I've lost 5 pounds BUT I've also lost one inch in the waist (YAY), zero inches in the hips (oh, well) and (drum roll please) two inches in the bust (not so good since it was in the cup size but still happy). Now if I could just get the scales to be so accommodating I'd be one happy old lady (and I use the term lady loosely). So looking back if I would have been a good girl I could have lost 8 pounds instead of 5.

I've already planned my eating for today and entered it on line in SparkPeople where I usually enter my foods. I decided to enter my menu for the day and see if it will keep me on track better, instead of waiting for the end of the day and just enter what I ate. I will go there this evening and add or delete what is necessary. Wish me luck on the new endeavor.

I never did get in any target practice over the weekend with my new guns. Oh, I think I forgot to tell you that I bought a handgun and a shotgun. Now I really feel safe here on my secluded mountain. My biggest problem is trying to find a place to put the guns (don't have to worry about hiding them since I have no little ones in the house) so they are in easy reach at night. Especially since I'm sleeping on the couch and not in the bed. Think I will try going back up there this weekend and see if the sleeping is better now.

And remember the neighbors that are up here for bow season? Well, they must be throwing out their left over meals because my doggies came home the other day with red whisker's. Just like they do when I have left over spaghetti and give them some. So now when they go outside they make a bee line for the neighbors house and they aren't eating much supper right now. And they usually want a snack when I eat my bedtime snack and the past couple of days they just raise their heads and look at me and lay back down. I'll be glad when the neighbors are gone. I'm a little worried that they will get into some bones that will hurt them. I only give them the fake bones. (This picture was taken several years ago, but that's what he looked like.)
Ta ta blog-buds.


Cammy said...

Okay, FINE. You won't be excited about 2 lbs, then I'll be excited enough for both of us! It could so easily have gone the other way. :)

I love, love, love your idea about logging before you eat. You can always add or take away later, but if it's already typed in, you'd be less likely to deviate. I may borrow that one from you!

Sparky said...

As a dweller of the-northern-nation-of next-to-no-guns I am highly intrigued by the fact that you went out and bought two guns! Wow!

MaryFran said...

5 pounds in one month is worthy of a MAJOR celebration!!!!

JC said...

You are so funny. You may not mean to be but you are. How do you know you lost a cup size? Is there a special way to measure, I don't know about? Anyway, congrats on the 5 and the inches. You Rock.

And why did you buy the guns? Did I miss a post where you said you want to hunt bear or you are afraid or you want to spray a tree with shotgun pellets or pick cans off a fence post at a 100 yards?

Have a great weekend.

grammy said...

The waist is the hardest spot for me. I hate tight things, so I stick to a bigger size becuse of the tummy. I always have baggie legs. Funny about the guns. My son (the one that is trying to be a cop) has a name for his guns. By the way, I am not crazy about him having them, that is why I want him to get this job. At least he should know all about how to be safe with them.