Friday, October 10, 2008

Just a Little Vent...

I had a horrible night. My doggies didn't get to come home yesterday. I hadn't realized how much company they were until last night. Durn the place was quiet and empty. Well, it's always quiet because they rarely ever bark or make a sound for that matter, which makes it kinda weird. Guess it was just the lack of other warm bodies in the house with me. Every time I'd walk past the door I'd, out of habit, check to see if they were ready to come back inside. There was a problem with another dog at the groomers. An emergency frog removal. A collie had a frog stuck in its fur and they had a heck of a time getting it out. They weren't even starting on my dogs until after 6:00 when I called worried to check on them. Then it would have been 10:00 when they would have been ready and they wanted to wait until this morning to do one of them so they wouldn't have to work so late. So they boarded them overnight for free. I'd say for free, since I hadn't planned on it, I surely would have been glad to go get them at 10:00 if I had too.

This last 30+ pounds sure is slow in coming off. It's discouraging. I sat and looked at my weight loss chart yesterday and saw that it took me 16 weeks to get the 10 pounds off from 200 to 190. And it's been 11 weeks so far on this 10 pounds (between 190 and 180). At this rate it will be next October before I get to goal. That means it will have been 2 and 1/2 years (130 weeks) to get 99 pounds off. I know, I know, the slower the better because it will most likely stay off that way, but it doesn't keep it from being discouraging just the same. Good grief, I'm tired of planning and calculating and trying to figure out yet another way to eat chicken and get lots of veggies in. And I'm tired of worrying about how long it will take and when will I be there and what size will I be that I can finally buy clothes that I know I won't be giving away soon? And when can I finally get my rings resized or do I want to just wear them on another finger the rest of my life? And will this weight and skin around the middle be gone or at least not as noticeable? It sure wasn't this hard all the other times I lost weight and got "skinny." Course all the other times I put it back on after a year or so because I didn't learn how to eat healthy, just how to eat until I lost the weight. Sorry, just had to vent a little. And will probably do it again. Thanks for listening reading.

I'm off to pick up my roommates.


Fatinah said...

sorry for ruining CSI - I figured with the way the season ended and all the publicity about that actor leaving the show that it wasn't supposed to be a shocker episode. my bad.

Fatinah said...

ok, I just read your post.

Here's the thing:

You're making a lifestyle change. This means that you are going to have to make healthy, portion controlled, thoughtful choices for ever. It won't end next October.

If you stop next October, well, then I know what your post will read by the following May. The title will be: How did I let myself get back here???

You're doing really, really great.

Donna B said...

I feel for you big time since I am in the same situation. It took me the last 12 weeks to get off 11.2#'s, but it has stayed off and I haven't gained any weeks since Jan. Sure I stayed the same quite a few times for multiple weeks in a row, but I know I am doing it the right way this time. In order to be successful I learned to accept what I can lose each week and continue eating heathy, since this is the way I will need to eat the rest of my life. Won't be able to devour sweets or pasta like I did in the past once I get to goal, so I need to learn how to accept that and eat in small portions less frequently over these next months. Keep up the good work! If you want to chat via email, don't hesitate to leave a comment on my blog and I'll send you my email.

Candace MacPherson said...

I'm gonna suggest something really crazy. Look in the mirror and focus on all the good things that you see. Then focus on how you feel now compared to then. It's OK to slow down sometimes and just enjoy where we are NOW. 30 lbs left. Ummm, not so many weeks ago that was 50 lbs. It's not even about the weight staying off longer - you ARE making lifestyle changes. I think you should set insane goals such as walking X times a week and journaling your food, but IGNORE the digital devil for 1 month. Can you DO IT?

grammy said...

You have some good comments and advice here. Dito on the "you will still need to stay on this healthy plan even after you get to goal." Sometime I will tell my story of my weight loss and continuing battle on my blog. Keep up the good work.

Cammy said...

Ditto what everyone else said. :)
Still, it feels good to vent every now and then, doesn't it?

I've only lost about 10 pounds or so since May so I know what you mean about the slow down. It's maddening, but there's really nothing to do but keep a'going. :)

Hope you have a great weekend, and congrats on the 1.5 this week!

Amy A S said...

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JC said...

I enjoyed your vent. I might not have been suppose to but I did. I get frustrated with how slow I lose but then again what else do I have to do. It took 53 years to put it on. I've been working one getting it off steady for two year so it may take a couple of more years to that the other half all. Look how far you have come. I'm proud of you. What size do you think you will be? I'm thinking you will be at least a 10.

Hope you're having a great time with your friend.

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Been there lady! You are amazing. Keep going!