Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Cookie Monster Strikes...

I remembered to pull the blinds last evening. And I didn't have that creepy feeling that I was being watched all evening. But I had a really restless night. This was the first night I tried the almonds. I had them about 2 hours before I went to sleep so I can't imagine they were the cause. There must have been animals moving around outside last night because the dogs barked a couple of times. Course I was already awake when they barked so they weren't the reason for my restless sleep.

Then to beat it all I woke up to the smell of chocolate chip cookies. Where the heck did that come from? I haven't had them in eons and haven't even thought about them. Sure am glad I don't have the makings for them in the house because today I'd be tempted to bake some. Hmmm, wonder if there is a light and healthy recipe for cookies? I doubt it so I'm not even going to go looking.

The fall colors sure were funny this year. Most of the ones that have changed in the past couple of weeks are off the trees already and there are still a lot of green trees left. I never did see a lot of the reds this year so maybe the ones that are still green are the ones that turn red. Guess it was the lack of rain at the end of the summer that caused some to start turning early.

I am hooked on Caramel Machiato (spelling?) coffee. I don't like the ones Starbucks makes. I don't even like Starbucks coffee at all because it's too strong. But I had an iced one several years ago and fell in love. Before I started this journey I improvised with vanilla syrup and caramel ice cream topping. Then when it ran out I just didn't replace it. But...when Cara was here visiting we went to a local coffee shop and they had the syrups in sugar free! Wow, I bought a bottle of both flavors. They are only 5 calories each for 1 tablespoon and I only use about a half tablespoon when fixing them so I am indulging myself every morning. I'm not one of those coffee drinkers though. I only have one cup in the mornings. And once in a blue moon I have one in the evenings. But I do look forward to my morning coffee now.

When my company was here they thought I was putting booze in my coffee in the mornings. I saw her pick up one of the bottles one day and read the label. When I asked her about it that's what she told me. She thought Auntie had turned into a boozer in her old age :o) Not me! I've probably mentioned it before that my parents were alcoholics and I learned early on what drinking could do to a family. It's one bad habit that I never picked up. I'm not a tee-totaler, I'll have a drink once in a while at a gathering or something but I just know when to stop and not to do it too often.

Wish I could think of something profound and encouraging to write about. But I'm just not made that way, I guess. I read a lot of your blogs and think why don't I inspire like that, but alas, I'm just an old lady that likes to ramble on about my life. Sorry to bore you so much with my ramblings but...that's just me.

Have a great hump day out there in blogland.


JC said...

I love to write your ramblings. Yours is always one of the first I read when I have time to read. How did my life get so busy? When you find a healthfied version of chocolate chip cookie please share it with the rest of us. However, cookies don't have the pull on me that cheesecake does.

I just discovered the sugar free coffee syrups. I am one happy girl. It is funny your neice thought you were up to something. How funny. No I didn't know about your parents mine were smokers. I can't stand the stinch of smokers. Sorry if you are one. Just being honest.

I got to get back to work. You were my morning break.

Donna B said...

You are NOT a boring old lady! I enjoy reading about your life in the country and envy you alot of the time. I live in a small town, but sometimes even the small town is too much for me. I'd pick the country over the beach to retire any day! Your choc chip cookie experience this morning encouraged me to jot down a note to look for cookie recipes lower in fat and using Spenda. Just for a treat every now and then......I'll let you know how I make out. Keep up the good work with your weight loss!

JC said...

I'm so lame. I meant to say I love to READ your ramblings.

Sparky said...

I like your ramblings. You are not :) It is neat to imagine you there in your cabin.

grammy said...

Hey, people don't have to come visit if they don't want to right? I enjoy you. By the way I can't make choc chip cookies cause I would eat the down fall

Cammy said...

Hmmm, you don't suppose your weekend guests left some cookies in the mess, do you? So strange.

Trust me, sweetie, you are anything but boring! You are kind and witty and interesting--my kind of person, in other words!

MizFit said...

seriously not a boring old lady.

I think people underestimate how their mindmusings can SO HELP NORMALIZE OTHER PEOPLES (ok my :)) FEELINGS!

MizFit who just recalled she is thisclose to out of her sugarfree syrup.