Monday, October 27, 2008

Soup on a Chilly Day...

Just got back from running errands in town. Not my usual day but I wanted to make a pot of Taco Soup and didn't have the stuff so I went a few days early. It's been pretty cold here and soup is always good on those cold days.

Company didn't come, I so sad. Actually I had put myself in the right frame of mind and was really disappointed when they called to let me know that one of them was sick and they didn't want to bring it to me. I'm sure they didn't feel like traveling sick either. I was upstairs changing the linens on the bed and cleaning when they called so the bed's clean if Y'ALL want to stop by.

Gonna go start the soup. Hope your Monday hasn't been too rough.


Cammy said...

Hmmm, clean sheets, hot soup, good company...pity I've got too much to do here to get away. :) Thanks for the link to your soup recipe. It looks good!

Donna B said...

Must have been a soup day!
I made vegetable on Friday and Chicken soup today. YUMMMMMM
The hubby was so happy when he saw the chicken soup. Easy, since I did it in my large crock pot!

grammy said...

Well, I will be right over. I promise not to bring any junk food, or leave my shoes in the middle of the room (O: Can I shoot your gun?? Have fun eating your soup. I have to remember to go get some canned beans at King Soopers tomorrow. They are 50 cents, but sale ends wed. Black beans for my Dump soup. I will have to leave the recipe on my blog (O:

->cara said...

I want to come up for a visit so bad, now. I have to say, your bed is THE most comfortable bed I've ever sleep in, in my life! Seriously!

I can't wait to try the taco soup. Just need to be able to go to the store to get the ingredients.