Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just One of Those Days...

Yesterday was a really weird one for me. Don't think this has ever happened to me since I've been on this healthy living life style change. I couldn't think of any thing that I wanted to eat. I was hungry at the normal time in the morning so I fixed myself my usual half can of soup and 8 crackers. Got hungry again at the regular time in the afternoon and didn't want anything. I knew I'd be ravenous by supper if I didn't have lunch but I just couldn't think of anything that sounded good. I didn't even want bad stuff. I decided to eat a half a peanut butter sandwich which I knew would at least take care of the hunger but I really didn't want it even though I had gotten the shakes from hunger. Then came supper time. Nada, nothing, zilch sounded even remotely appetizing. I had some bacon thawed out and even considered a bacon and tomato sandwich which I LOVE. I didn't even want that. So out of necessity I fixed myself a salad and put some left over peas in it for filler. I even had some shrimp in the fridge but didn't eat it. Didn't want it! I also MADE myself eat some fruit later in the evening. So needless to say I didn't get all my nourishment requirements in yesterday nor my daily allotment of calories but the thought of food was just yucky to me. Gee, I wish that would happen more often. And to my surprise I'm still up on the scales this morning. Unless something drastic happens by tomorrow's official weigh-in I won't show a loss this week either. Drats! I know, I know, don't put too much "weight" (pun intended) on the numbers on that stupid square thing on the floor but, really folks.

I had a relaxing day with the house to myself. YAY!

I've got neighbors up for hunting season right now and they can see right into my cabin unless I pull the shades. But if I do that I won't be able to look outside at the beautiful colors so I didn't pull the shades yesterday. Didn't even think about it until it was really late last night but I didn't give them anything x-rated to look at. Will have to remember to pull them this evening when the sun goes down. The hunting cabin isn't really close and has a lot of trees and brush between them but this time of year with the brush dying off it makes it a pretty clear view. Luckily they only come at the beginning of bow season and again the week of Thanksgiving. Sometimes they will come up once in the summer to mow and do some clean up around their place so they aren't here that often. I've even gone over there and tried to talk to them but it is always several men and they aren't very friendly. Guess they just have the place as a get away from women.

Have you ever read Nicholas Sparks? I ordered three the last time I ordered books and I love his writing. My problem is that when I'm reading a really good author I devour one in about 3 days. Just can't seem to leave them alone very long. Finished one this weekend and have had to make myself not pick another one up for a couple of days so these will last me a little while at least. I have a table beside the TV where I put the books that I've already read and encourage company to go through them and take what they want. My pile is getting a little high right now and think I will have to take them to the local used book store and see about exchanging them for something I haven't read. The problem with that is that they don't usually have authors that I care for. Oh, well I at least will be recycling the books for someone else's pleasure of reading. If you like mysteries I've stumbled onto another couple of good authors. Colleen Thompson and Laura Griffin.

Have a great Tuesday out there in blogland.


Donna B said...

LOVE Nicolas Sparks, can't wait until the local library gets a few of his newer ones in since I have rest most of his older ones.

JC said...

It is unusual to be hungry and not be hungry for something in particular. Do you feel all right? Thanks for letting me know about the FF hotdogs.

grammy said...

I love to read too. I have to save a good book sometimes so I don't read it to fast. I am always depressed when it is over. Pull your shade tonight (O:

Cammy said...

Maybe the change of seasons is messing with your appetite. Hope you got your mojo back today!

Thanks for the tips on the authors. I love mysteries and am always in the market for new-to-me writers.