Monday, November 3, 2008

Good Advice...

Thanks so much for the wonderful advice on my last post. I never thought of it the way most of you put it. I've been allowing myself red meat about once a month. Really didn't think I should have it more than that but, since I miss it so much maybe I should. It just might make this easier. And it just so happens that I have a couple of roasts in the freezer. Since they are way much more than I should eat, I'll just cook them and freeze the right portions so that I can enjoy them once a week. I'm a happy camper right now just thinking about it.

Y'all are AWESOME!! I knew I was doing this blogging for something other than just rambling. Now if I could just light someone else's world like you have all lit mine.

Hey, are you looking forward to the prime time coverage of the election like me? (Sarcastically said.) I can't believe all the prime time programming is preempted for that bull s%&t. What ever happened to the scrolls at the bottom of the screen that were a nuisance but a whole lot easier to take than having to listen and look at live coverage for hours? UGH!! Thank goodness I have some movies in reserve.

I started my Christmas shopping this weekend. I just love the Internet!! No crowds to fight!!

Hope your week is a good one.


Cammy said...

Are you kidding? You are a bright spot in every single one of my days!

Good idea with the roasts. It's kind of like making your very own "tv dinners" and probably much, much tastier. :)

Donna B said...

LOVE your blog! You lit up my day. Make sure you make some beef stew with all those roasts. Love to do it in the crock pot with a ton of veggies. Thicken the juices with a little whole wheat flour, you'll never miss the rich gravy. YUMMY! On my menu for Sunday, when I normally have my "beef" meal. Keep up the good work!

Sparky said...

You are doing great!!! I wish I did as well as you did with your food!

MaryFran said...

Girl you light my world all the time!!!!

Whew!! I thought I was the only person that is a bit bothered that they pre-empted my tv viewing tonight. I mean...come on...I need my Biggest Loser!!!!

My husband is all ready to watch the election bull-doo-doo. So I'll be forced to listen to it while I work on my cross stitch (unless I defect and go to another room).

grammy said...

Well It is a good time to blog. (o: You always leave me a comment. That is very sunny! You could shop right TV so might as well. We draw names now and that makes it all so easy. Enjoy your roast.

JC said...

You are do funny!!! A roast sounds great. I'm with Cammy. I allow myself red meat once a week but I hadn't thought about the one white starchy food. HUMMM.

I've watch all the election BS I can stand so I'm visiting you. So, glad I did. You make me smile, actually you make me laugh. I'm sick of politics. HA!!!