Sunday, November 2, 2008


Did your windows rattle last night when I fell off the wagon? Don't know what got into me but I wasn't hungry or anything like that, I just HAD TO HAVE stuff above and beyond my plan. It started with Doritos then moved to 100 pack calorie cupcakes (2) (I'm never buying those again) and ended with pop corn. Now that wasn't so bad except for the Doritos but an extra 500 calories at bed time is awful. And the worse part is that I really don't feel so bad about it. I was watching television and crocheting away when it happened. Was keeping my little fingers busy so I wouldn't want to snack and all heck broke loose. I wasn't even thinking about snacking and then WHAM it hit me in the head.

I'm so sick of broiled chicken breasts, and baked chicken breasts and I want a STEAK or a GOOD OLD FASHIONED POT ROAST or FRIED CHICKEN AND GRAVY! Okay, so I had fried chicken and gravy for my birthday but I want it AGAIN!!

And to beat it all I weighed myself this morning AFTER breakfast and I was down to 182. That means that I've lost the 2 pounds that I put on AGAIN last week plus another half. I'm sure it won't be that way by Wednesday. I KNOW it won't be that way by Wednesday!

Okay, enough yelling.

How's your first day of standard time going? Don't know what mine will bring but it surely won't be good.


JC said...

Now that you mention it, I think I did feel a little rumble last night but I just thought it was the Bama fans partying over another football victory.

I wish I knew what kind of advice or encouragement to give but I don't because I have those moments. No amount of self-talk or keeping my fingers busy seems to do any good. My only solution is to keep stuff that I will not stop (notice I said will not instead of can not) out of the house. I must have eaten 10 little trick or treat candies Thursday and didn't even regret it. Then Friday I ate like a normal person and regret set in yesterday with I was up 5 lbs!!! Had to be the sodium but still 5 is 5 however I want to look at it. Sorry, Deborah, I'm rambling.

This will pass and you will self correct. I already have and you will to cause you just aren't going to gain it back. Not an option. Have a good rest of the weekend.

grammy said...

Just climb back up and keep holdin on. Go outside and dig a deep hole and bury things like Doritos. lol

Cammy said...

Since I don't recall you mentioning before that you have ESP, I don't think you can really say you KNOW what will happen on Wednesday. One moment of abundance just may not have any effect at all. Think positive thoughts until then and positive thoughts after (no matter what).

end of required lecture.

I know what you mean about the chicken breasts. I'm startin' to cluck. :) Can you not have steak or roast once a week or so? I have a "rule" that I'm allowed beef or red meat once a week (except when I'm on vacation and have it four times in 8 days), as well as one white starchy product. That lets me have a good old cheeseburger or spaghetti or a burrito or steak and potatoes. I don't eat roast (yuck!) beef, so it hasn't been an issue for me. Anyway, all this ramblin' is just to suggest that maybe a small steak would be just the boost you need!

Keep on hangin' in there!

Donna B said...

Think your earthquake was over shadowed by mine! Not sure why I feel I "can" eat more on Sundays after my weigh in, but once again I was stuffing myself with the good meal I made for dinner and felt yucky afterwards! Wasn't even that hungry. UGH! We all need to stick together with this weight loss stuff!

--cara said...

You sound like me, now. Man it's awful when those uncontrollable urges hit so hard! It's all behind you now, though, don't look back or beat yourself up about it any more. Onward and upward.

I'm loving daylight savings! I got to ride my bike in daylight for the first time in months!

MaryFran said...

I think you hit the nail on the head in your second paragraph! Your sick of eating the same old same old which is not helping you as you try to curb these urges that are coming over you. (wow, did that sound mystical or what?) Is there anyway that you can totally change up what your eating so that it doesn't feel like the same old same old?

Just my humble thoughts....and heavens knows that they are not worth much or else I wouldn't be sitting in the exact same boat that you are in!!! :-)

Keep your chin can do this!

Fatinah said...

I think you need to incorporate these things that you love and miss into your diet. If you like your chicken fried, then plan for it one day a week. You might have to just have chicken & veggies that meal or something, but there has to be a way for you to still enjoy what you love more often without feeling like you've thrown everything away.

The dorito incident - well, we all have those. I had quite the weekend myself. After that kind of incident all we can do is get back on the wagon.

I really think, though, that you shouldn't have to give up anything. Just plan and adjust the rest of your menu. Obviously we can't have fried chicken EVERY day....but there has to be something in between every day and NEVER!!

Wow - you just got WAY more than my 2 cents worth!!! (silly exchange rate! HAHAHA)