Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Wow, I didn't mean to get so maudlin yesterday. Guess I was just depressed and needed a pity party. Sorry 'bout that. Still a little blue today but it is better. I spent the day in bed napping off and on yesterday. My defense mechanism for depression and it usually helps as it did yesterday. I have no idea what makes me get into those moods, there are so many other people out there that have such enormous problems in their lives that mine are minor in comparison.

Sorry that I didn't get to too many of you yesterday but I will catch up later today. I just wasn't much in the mood to read or comment.

I'm showing a half pound loss so far today but tomorrow will tell the real story.

About what I said yesterday about wanting a mate. NOT!! Just part of the pity party. I like living alone. Now don't get me wrong, I would love a companion of sorts but not on a daily basis. The perfect relationship would be a part time one. Like maybe on the weekends ONLY. I've settled into a routine and like being able to sleep and eat and clean whenever I want to and not have to please someone else. I like just pleasing me for a change, since I've always pleased others all my life.

Have a great Tuesday.


--cara said...

I learned a new word "maudlin". Cool.

I wish I was up there. We could sit out on the porch (and probably freeze our ninnies off) and read and chat. I miss that place -- and you.

Napping always makes me feel better, too. I think I need a loooooooong nap. :]

Cammy said...

Oh, the power of naps (subject of a future Makeover Monday)

Please don't apologize for being human. We ALL have those days when the world is just not suiting us. I'm so glad you weathered the storm. :)

Sparky said...

Don't apologize! You are an awesome blogger lady!

JC said...

No apologies needed in Bloggerville. Glad you are some better today. Naps work wonders for me. I like the idea of a weekend man myself. But, they have a way of wanting to be around with we don't want them. I'm too settled into my routine to have a significant other. HA!

grammy said...

So funny..The NOT part. I always think to myself, If something happened to my man (God forbid) I don't think I could possibably start all over...to hard. My mother was a widow from the time I was three. Never even dated (well people really didn't in the 60s in a small town) The thing is though, she had her two daughters and 7 gradkids living in the same town (she moved to a bigger town). Any way know that you are thought of kindly out here in bloggerville. Take care.